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Walker Methodist, 08-15-19

Loneliness has become an evident problem among older populations, affecting an estimated one in three people between the ages of 50 and 80. Unfortunately, loneliness has a documented impact on physical and emotional health, so it’s important t…

Bridget Kranz, Lillie News, 08-12-19

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Walker Methodist, 08-08-19

Dementia is a disease that typically affects those over the age of 65, but it can appear earlier. Some mistakenly believe cognitive decline is a normal part of aging when, in fact, only a small percentage of the older population will experienc…

"#1 the apartments are very nice. I love all the windows. The front desk is a virtual cornucopia of information! There is a friendly group of people here, and the people who work here are far more patient than I would ever be. They are cheery, and it is an upbeat place to live."
– Joyce Cassidy
"My experience with Westwood Ridge Transitional Care was so fantastic that I'm still here two years later...as a volunteer! This place is infectious!"
– Kimber Maurine
"Levande has a wonderful variety of enrichment activities, and I am thrilled to see my Mom engaged in a meaningful activity when I stop by to see her."
– -a loving daughter
"We are grateful to you for all you have done to help dad return home to us."
– The Freeman Family
"Yesterday was perfect, but today I'm doing better."
– Tom, Resident