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Barb JohnsonBarb Johnson

Rehabilitation Manager

Barb joined the Walker Methodist team in December 2000, and was a part of the Occupational Therapy team for the first 8 years before she moved to her current position. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Minnesota, and has been awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award from the US Army Reserve. She was drawn to senior living because she enjoys the incredible wisdom of seniors and enjoys learning from them every day.

Barb supervises our amazingly talented group of therapists that make her proud each and every day. Her job is to be a support to them, whether it is training, programming, staffing, or billing, so that they can provide excellent therapy serves for our residents. She has a knack for being a peacemaker and is good at resolving problems. The thing that excites her most about her job is helping her team help the residents achieve their goals in rehab.

Outside of work, Barb is wild about her dogs, good books, being out in nature, working out, and the chicken wings at The Well. She lives in Coon Rapids with her husband, high school daughter, and their two dogs. She also has two stepsons in their twenties who are avid mountain climbers.

Barb is passionate about the Wounded Warrior Project and Can Do Canines – both provide support for our returning veterans whom she both honors and thanks. At the end of the day, Barb would like to be remembered as someone who remembered what was truly important in life. She grew up with the mottos “Love people and not things” and “Little things make a big difference”, which she applies both personally and professionally. She loves her job and is proud to be a part of the Walker Methodist community.