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Chase Lindberger

Executive Director

Chase has worked with Aging Adults for over 13 years and cannot think of another career arena that could possibly be more rewarding. He grew up in Sun Prairie Wisconsin, went to college in Chicago, and has a creative past which includes photography excursions throughout Europe and India, was the Featured Artist for the 2013 Edina Art Fair, and has had his photography work featured in numerous magazines including Artzu; a publication out of London.

Chase now resides in Minneapolis and has two beautiful children; a son Xavier who is 5 years old and a daughter Omevelyn “Mimi” who is 4 years old. Chase shares, “there is no better sound than hearing my children laugh.“

One night a week, Chase volunteers with Normandale Lutheran Church’s Hospice Program working with those who are on hospice and have memory loss, dementia and/or Alzheimer’s.

As you can see being with people is so important to Chase. He gives more insight, “being able to be with people and give them my undivided attention and in return they allow me to be a part of their lives, no matter how brief, is truly a gift.”