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How Senior Living Has Changed Over The Last Few Years

Walker Methodist | Jul 16, 2019

Today’s older adults have more options than ever when it comes to choosing a home. There are independent living communities where you have a selection of programs, activities, and amenities you can enjoy at your leisure. There are assisted living communities where you’ll have access to 24-hour support and a wide array of social, physical and other activities. Even transitional and memory care communities are far more comfortable and more home-like than those of the past.

If it’s been a while since you’ve visited a senior care community, you’ll likely be surprised at how much they’ve changed. There are not only varying types of senior care communities but the amenities and services offered differ dramatically from one location to the next. Here are a few ways senior living has evolved in recent years.

Pleasing Surroundings

Walk into any senior living building today and you’ll likely feel as though you’re in a place designed for personal residences. Many assisted living communities are set up like condominiums, with common areas for activities and private apartment-like rooms for each resident. You may even find that you have a beautiful view from your room and well-landscaped grounds ideal for daily walks. Although social activities are provided, participation is rarely mandatory, allowing you to build the daily routine that works best for you.

A Host of Amenities

Nursing homes were not previously known for their delicious meals and amenities in previous generations, but all of that has changed. Today’s senior living communities offer delicious meals and snacks, with some even providing alternative dining options like on-site delis and concessions. In addition to a comfortable, private place to sleep and watch TV, many communities also have amenities you couldn’t find at home, such as fitness centers and theaters. During mealtimes, you’ll have professional wait staff to bring your food and refill your beverage. Best of all, you won’t even have to worry about cleaning and laundry with some communities, as these services are provided, usually for an additional fee.

Encouraged Interaction

senior man interacting and smiling with womanThe nursing homes of the past encouraged interactions by offering a place for residents to play cards or fun games. Today’s senior living communities go well beyond that, often keeping full calendars with plenty of options for those who want to participate. Activities may include concerts, dances, cocktail parties, and talent shows, among many others. Even when nothing’s on the calendar, though, you’ll typically find a common area where you can socialize with others throughout the day.

Group Outings

Sometimes you need to leave the property to have a little more fun. Many independent and assisted living communities provide scheduled outings to local shops and attractions. You’ll be able to stock up on supplies and spend some time with your peers. If you have medical appointments, you’ll probably find your community offers transportation and, in some cases, basic services like dental checkups and haircuts are available on site.

It's important to tour multiple locations to find the right one for you. As you tour senior living communities, pay close attention to the amenities and other extras offered at each one. You’ll soon find that you can get the ideal environment for you, surrounded by everything you need to stay healthy and happy.

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