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Is It Time for Senior Living? [FLOWCHART]

Anneliese Peterson | Feb 5, 2016

We know the thought of transitioning to senior living is overwhelming for many families, but the reality is sometimes it’s the best choice for your loved ones. If you have caught yourself wondering if it’s time for you to consider the transition on behalf of someone you love and care about, Walker Methodist would like to help you establish what that process looks like with these four steps.


Step One: Assess Quality of Life

Senior living does not mean life has to slow down, or independence has to be lost. Senior living at Walker Methodist means the freedom and security to enjoy the activities and lifestyles people are accustomed to. The first step is to really assess your loved one’s overall quality of life. Life can be full of burdens and obligations for anyone, no matter the age. But, it can be increasingly difficult to manage as people age. How they manage self-care, basic household attendance, health concerns, and personal affairs could be an indicator of the areas in which they could use support.

Step Two: Levels of Care 

Senior living isn’t a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Walker Methodist offers varying levels of care within our communities to ensure no matter the preference of our Residents or specific requirements they wish to fulfill, we can meet and exceed their expectations. Your loved one may be ready for independent living and excited for the prospect of life enriching programming and prepared dining options. Perhaps the level of interaction and support they wish to receive extends beyond that. We have a care model to fit every need, and every stage of life.

Step Three: Do Your Research 

Transition to senior care doesn’t come without plenty of decision making, considerations, and weighing the best options on behalf of your loved one. Walker Methodist knows how overwhelming this step can be. You know your family member or loved one the most; we know we offer the best place for senior living. Combining the two during this phase ensures all the considerations will be taken to answer your questions, ease your worry, and calm your fears.

Step Four: The Transition Plan 

To us, this is the best part. To you and your loved one, this might be the most unknown or uncertain step. Transition is hard, regardless of age. Knowing Walker Methodist is the best place to live because our communities are vibrant, and our spiritual life and life enrichment programs are second to none should attest to that. We are home to hundreds of people who wished to continue living life to the fullest, just in a capacity that allowed them to do so more independently and with greater access to all of life’s joys.

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