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Brighten the Holidays for Your Loved One with Senior Living

Elizabeth Meyer | Dec 5, 2016

The holidays can mean a lot of different things, depending on who you ask – for some, the holidays mean spending time steeped in tradition and nostalgia. Others spend their time celebrating with friends and family and taking the time to reflect on the year as it sets to close. While most of the holidays are met with joy and excited anticipation, they can mean a more difficult time for seniors. This year, help make the holidays brighter for your loved ones in senior living.

Being Together for The Holidays 

It’s not uncommon for the blues to set in around the holidays, or in winter in general. When it comes to holidays, memories are conjured up as years and years of traditions past are recounted. For some, the memories they shared were with loved ones no longer present, and it’s hard and sad to imagine another holiday without them. Another aspect of loneliness comes from the isolation so many people feel this time of year, regardless of age. Winter in the Midwest is particularly difficult, as snow, cold temperatures, and decreased daylight all inhibit socializing. 

Senior Living Makes Holidays Easier

With senior living communities, many of these concerns can be alleviated. While missing loved ones likely never dissipates, there are ways to manage this in senior living. Support groups, grief counseling, and chapel services are ways individuals in senior living seek support and manage sadness.

Isolation, in general, is no longer an issue since communities offer several different options for getting together with friends and other residents and building fellowship. It’s up to the individuals to choose what they participate in, and opportunities are available daily to increase the levels of joy and interaction. And, when you're living on campus, there's no need to travel to participate, and there isn’t such a thing as weather delays or cancellations!

Having The Comforts of Home in a Supported Community

While the transition to senior living from home can be difficult, the benefits a senior living community offers its residents is paramount. Our communities are structured to support privacy, independence, and security for all Residents. If you or your loved one have always appreciated the holidays for decorating and hosting, that does not have to end with a transition to a senior living community. Residents have the ability to maintain their new living space as they personally wish, decorating as they desire. That continuity is so important to the process of keeping Residents engaged and comforted.

At Walker Methodist, our favorite time of year is the holidays. We love having Residents across all campuses participate in the season’s offerings, and we enjoy upholding our own family traditions with staff and Residents. We recognize that this time of year presents challenges, and we work to acknowledge and support those who need it most.

Walker Methodist Traditions and Celebrations 

From cookie decorating and carolers to family meals and outings to see Christmas lights, Walker Methodist keeps a full calendar of holiday events for Residents at all communities to enjoy. It seems like there’s something festive on the calendar each day. We also encourage you to remember Residents who might not have family nearby who would benefit from visits with nearly anyone looking to spread the holiday cheer. Walker Methodist loves its Auxiliary, and even more so this time of year. 

With Santa visits, a Toys for Tots drive, holiday music, and afternoons of making seasonal crafts, there is plenty of joy to go around in our warm, friendly, and comforting senior living communities. If you or your loved one is facing another holiday they’d rather not be alone, now is the time to see this spirit in action. Schedule your visit today… you might even have a Santa sighting!

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