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Romance & Relationships in Senior Living

Danielle Cross | Feb 11, 2016

Ahh…love is in the air! Can you feel it? February is the month of love and companionship for all ages. Although Valentine’s Day is an especially “love” heavy day with candy conversation hearts and cupid arrows, this one day doesn’t define love.

The Importance of Relationships & Romance Throughout Life

Love has no limit, age, or boundaries. Relationships are the heartbeat of happiness. So much healing and inner joy in life stems from our interactions with people and senior relationships are no different.


Senior romance is no exception to the “no limit” philosophy. There’s so much freedom and flexibility with reaching new heights for excitement. Passion can be found in the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual areas of life – regardless of age. That emotional connection is something we encourage with our Residents at Walker Methodist by fostering friendships, engaging activities, and everything in-between.

The power of the three little words ‘I Love You’ are infinite. The emotion behind these words is beautiful in every way. When these words are spoken, they spark something inside. Not only are relationships important for our wellbeing, research also shows they contribute to a long, healthy, happy life.   

Relationships keep us learning, discovering, and relating. They are the heartbeat of all connections.

How Senior Living Can Foster Relationships & Romance

Over time, hobbies and interests change. We cycle through them like many things in life. It is no surprise that senior relationships and romance follow suit. Walker Methodist’s active Life Enrichment and social programs allow a plethora of opportunities for Residents to participate in. Socializing helps keep this alive, thriving, and fun!

Love and support are the building blocks of relationships - both young and old. Stay surrounded with people who encourage and bring out the best in you. When it comes to mental and physical health, friendships truly are the best medicine. Author Edna Buchanan says it best with this quote: “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.” There are opportunities for group gatherings and activities in a senior living community. Participating in events you enjoy will allow you to discover others who share that same interests. Quality time and nurturing a relationship will ensure its longevity. And, good relationships are built on trust and communication. Laughter is the other best medicine for friendships!

February Events at Walker Methodist to Feel the Love

At Walker Methodist, we fill the air with love and companionship 365 days a year. Our calendars are full of activities for our residents to participate at any one of our Communities...

  • Westwood Ridge Valentine festivities start at 1:30pm on February 12th
  • Health Center and Highview Hills have a couple activities happening on the 12th
    •  100 local 2nd graders coming in the morning to enjoy music with Residents and exchange Valentines and treats
    • Residents have a happy hour gathers with the Banjo Boys that same afternoon and having champagne and chocolate strawberries
  • Care Suites will be celebrating on February 13th at 2:30pm
  • Plaza will be celebrating on February 16th at 2:30pm


Keep Cupid in your court on February 14th. We love the excitement and all the holiday celebrations. If you or anyone you know wants to help share the love, we always welcome new Auxiliary members with hugs-a-plenty!

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