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Sharing Your Memories With Future Generations

Anneliese Peterson | May 31, 2017

I always have many questions to ask my Grandma Georgia. Where were you born? What friends do you remember from you childhood? How did you meet Grandpa?

I knew some of the answers to the questions, but I did not know the answers well enough to tell my children or my grandchildren someday. I had some of the details mixed up in my head and it was great to focus in on the important parts of my grandmother's life and capture a little bit of history.

I remember the camping trips with my grandparents, time spent swimming in a big metal bathtub out under the willow tree with my cousin, and Christmas Eve’s eating Oyster Stew (which I did not like at the time, but would love a cup today).


Those memories are familiar and make you feel good about who you are, understand where you came from, and connect you to family. Life changes though, as kids move away and we age. Grandma Georgia is now 88 and recently decided it was time to go on hospice in her assisted living facility. Age feels like it is moving a little more rapidly lately.

Creating meaningful moments is something we all hope to do, but sometimes we need some extra help. Sometimes we need something to talk when about visiting a loved one in an assisted living, a nursing home, or even their own home. Walker Methodist has created a Memory Journal to assist with these conversations. This Memory Journal was a great place for Grandma Georgia and I to start talking about her childhood memories and other gaps I wished to fill. We sat down with milkshakes in hand and talked for close to three hours. As she talked, I wrote down memories in the Memory Journal. The stories didn’t always answer the question at hand, but that was okay! We were talking, sharing, and reminiscing. The afternoon flew by and created that new meaningful memory I will treasure forever. We plan to keep working on the Memory Journal, and she asks visitors to jot things down in it for her.

At Walker Methodist, we hope we can help you and your loved one create those same meaningful moments. Download the Free Memory Journal today and start sharing your memories together.

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