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Strong is Ageless. Fitness is Achievable.

Aaron Aslakson, director of fitness centers | Sep 14, 2017

All Walker Methodist Fitness Centers utilize special strength training equipment from a Finnish company named HUR.  The equipment is designed specifically with the needs of senior fitness centers in mind. 

The top 3 reasons we choose HUR strength training equipment

1. SmartCard Technology

No need to keep track of your progress using paper and pencil, also no need to keep your training log with you throughout the exercise

session. All your workout information is stored on a computer kiosk located in the Fitness Center.  When you sign-up for a membership you are assigned a unique username and password to access your workout program.  You then download all of that information to the SmartCard technology and take it from machine to machine.  When inserted in the machine, the SmartCard sets the weight for you, indicates how many sets/reps you should do, and counts the reps for you.  Additionally, it times your rest periods and has reminders that come up on the screen.  At the completion of your workout you insert the card back in the computer kiosk and it saves all workout information.  This program also allows us to track your program easily and print out progress sheets for your personal use or for you to share with family members or medical professionals.

2. Natural Transmission

This term is trademarked by HUR and is a special feature of all HUR equipment. The force capabilities of your muscles change throughout the range of motion of any resistance exercise.  All HUR equipment is designed to match the force capabilities of your muscle throughout the range of motion and mimic the natural function of your muscles. This provides a very smooth range of motion but equally as important, provides an even resistance throughout both the concentric and eccentric portion of the exercise.

3. Safety Features/User Friendly

The HUR equipment provides several different safety features and user friendly features that make utilizing them even easier. The first is very small weight increments.  Most traditional weight training equipment starts at 5 lbs of resistance and only goes up in increments of 2.5-5.0 lbs. HUR equipment can start at 0 lbs of resistance and goes up by as little as 1 lb at a time.  A second feature is easy on/off access, with strategically placed handles and easy access to the seat, the added safety makes transitioning from machine to machine very safe.  Finally, the air resistance provides a quiet workout environment. There are no weights slamming together or slamming on the ground. The only noise the machine makes is a small amount of air moving in and out of the machine.

Join us. We are Open to the public!

We will help you focus on achieving optimal health and well-being and maintenance of your vitality. Exercise boosts energy, improves balance, and builds strength so you can do all the things you like to do. 

We have centers in the following cities:

  • Lakeville
  • Anoka
  • West St. Paul
  • Minneapolis
  • Cambridge

This is affordable!

Low monthly fees range from $40 to $149. Many health insurance companies offer reimbursements to customers who participate in a qualified fitness program. Check your options.



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