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The Benefits of Moving Your Loved One to a TCU Facility with Spiritual Care

Anneliese Peterson | Aug 22, 2017

It’s easy to find a transitional care facility for your loved one that has all the right equipment, the best-trained staff, medical personnel, and all the proper accreditations. What's not easy, however, is finding one that can offer all of this plus something much more important: spiritual care.

Spiritual care is an integral part of well-being and healing, and restoration cannot happen without it. If your loved one is going to be moving to a transitional care facility, here are some reasons to consider a TCU facility that emphasizes spiritual care.

Comprehensive Health Care: Healing Versus Curing_DSC0007.jpg

In a traditional care facility, the focus is on the science and medicine behind illness and growing older. But in a care setting that focuses on spiritual wellness as well as bodily wellness, your loved one will receive care that serves the whole person, including the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Many older adults struggle to find meaning in the face of chronic illness, pain, and the changes the body goes through later in life, and a transitional care facility that emphasizes spiritual care will be able to help your loved one to find answers, calm, and hope as well as physical recovery.

True health doesn’t depend on finding a cure for every illness or turning back the clock on age — the approach of traditional care facilities — but rather on the ability to heal and to find peace, which is what a spiritual-based transitional care facility will underscore.

Encouraging Wellness Through Compassion

When your loved one is in pain, one of the most basic things he or she needs is a caring partner who is invested in his or her mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing, rather than a reserved and detached doctor or healthcare practitioner who just brings medication and provides therapy. Compassion is an extremely important part of the healing, recovery, and wellness process, and there are many things that the staff at a transitional care facility can do to be compassionate, including:

  • Being fully present when attending to residents
  • Listening and engaging in meaningful dialogue
  • Taking the time to understand the beliefs and practices of each resident
  • Including chaplains and spiritual leaders on the staff
  • Being attentive to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of residents

Spiritual Approaches to Care and Well-being at Walker Methodist

Walker Methodist is led by the philosophies and values of our Methodist foundation, and that means spiritual care is a fundamental part of the care we provide. Our communities function on the belief that all people are equally valuable, and we provide physical, emotional, and spiritual care designed to nurture the whole person.

Under the care of a Walker Methodist transitional care facility, your loved one will be welcome to participate in our inclusive and welcoming spiritual enrichment programs, which include worship services, holiday festivities, communion, prayer circles, and music.


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Our communities have on-site chaplains who are available to administer a variety of support services, and we have a director of spiritual life and enrichment who ensures we offer the spiritual services necessary to complement the physical care we provide.

Finding the right transitional care facility for your loved one is about more than just finding a nearby location that has the right medical staff and equipment. Instead, it’s about making sure your loved ones emotional and spiritual needs will be met, along with his or her physical needs. This is, after all, a way to ensure true wellness.  

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