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The Walker Methodist Difference: In Video

Anneliese Peterson | Aug 24, 2016

Walker Methodist is many things to many people: An incredible senior living organization that's home to a warm, vibrant, loving community of Residents. It's a care community that provides excellent quality health care on an hourly and daily basis customized to your individual needs. It's a faith community that celebrates each individual's journey. It is a culinary experience like no other - from delicious afternoon BBQ's, to Sunday brunches, to catering your special celebration. It's home to an all-encompassing and dedicated team of staff members. It's a place so many compassionate volunteers share their time and talent.
But what makes our organization different ? In the video below, hear what our leadership team thinks set Walker Methodist apart...


It's responsiveness. 

As a medium-sized organization, Walker Methodist enjoys the ability to be nimble and respond immediately to the changing needs of Residents, care providers, the industry, and our communities.

It's Culture.

Our culture is built on respect, the respect we show towards our Residents and Patients and how they live their individual lives and how we show respect to each other as co-workers. We are a diverse organization and we come together for one reason and that is to provide care to seniors in a dignified and respectful manner, allowing each Resident to live life to their fullest.

It's Customer Service.

Our focus remains on providing the most excellent care, housing, and programs for our Residents and working environment for our teams. We do this by living our Customer Service Standards in every single interaction.
  1. Every interaction is significant
  2. Everyone makes a difference*
  3. Create the best place to live and work
  4. Delight the customer
*Sanborn, M. (2004) The Fred Factor

It's Specialization.

Knowing we can provide an emphasis on specialized programs - whether it is partnering with Struther's on Parkinson's Disease care or our dementia and memory care programs, we offer the ability to provide Residents with the exact care they need.

It's Passion.

Our employees follow their hearts - and foster their passion for Walker Methodist. This has a direct impact on our Residents and results in Residents who receive high quality care, are well cared for, and loved.


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