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The Walker Methodist Difference: The Best Place to Live and Work

Scott Riddle | Feb 16, 2016

When the time comes to consider senior living, there are several factors that go into the decision making process. Similar factors also affect the choices people make when they consider the options for their careers. A resounding theme in differentiating between option one and option two is that difference, or what a company, organization, or business stands for. At Walker Methodist, our difference is the commitment we make to better the lives of our Residents and our Team of employees.

There’s No Place Like Walker Methodist to Call Home


Our primary focus is our customer. That translates to both our Residents as well as their families. In a way, when we welcome Residents to any of our Walker Methodist communities we welcome their families and loved ones, too. It’s an important step in transition, as well as a big part of our culture. Our Life Enrichment specialists include family events and interaction into Resident’s programming so there’s always an opportunity to share Walker Methodist with the individuals who aren’t a direct part of life at our communities.

The programming at Walker Methodist is another way we make a difference in the lives of our Residents. We’re continually working to expand the platform of care and accessibility to specialties for our Residents who require differing levels of care. We know there are individuals and families looking for Parkinson’s care, for example. We have focused programs dedicated to Residents with Parkinson’s. We offer Music & Memory, memory care, and training for memory care providers - just to name a few. We know with certainty our programming enhances the lives of our Residents. 

Our Employees Make Our Residents’ Lives Better 

We know our employees – good, happy employees – are more engaging and serve our customers better because they’re treated the same way. We make Walker Methodist a caring, respectful place across all our communities and we treat employees and Residents like we treat our own families and friends, because they are those people to us. The minimum comprises the basic foundation of good customer service – like our high standard of cleanliness, care administered, and communication. Any good company has to provide that. But what makes companies the best is that next level – honoring the people who work each day in the name of our mission. 

In order for Walker Methodist to be the best place to live, we must also be the best place to work. The dedication and professionalism of our employees keeps us humble. We know our team receives great satisfaction from the opportunity to serve and support older adults in our communities. Fostering growth and rewarding our employees is the least we can do, and is key to providing the best care and unwavering service to our Residents. Our comprehensive development, staff recognition, and employee support programs and benefits elevate our service philosophy. Individuals who are compassionate, demonstrate exceptional skill, and are imaginative, collaborative workers commit Walker Methodist to being the workplace of choice in this industry.


So what it boils down to for us is our people: our Residents and the villages who support and love them, our family of employees, our legions of volunteers. The sheer volume of people who live to make a difference in the lives of older adults is incredible, and it’s definitely something to witness firsthand at Walker Methodist. Visit us to see just what we mean when we say we’re the best.

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