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We Take Care of People, Including You

Sarah Benbow, Executive Director of Communications | Oct 4, 2020

She smiles. And laughs. A lot. Her spirit is radiant and her sense of connection and calm is immediately evident as she describes her 30-year (soon to be 31-year) career at Walker Methodist. 

Katie Kirkpatrick, Payroll Manager, speaks of growth, opportunity, and loyalty as she reflects on her career path from the kitchen to the coffee shop, and from the cafeteria to the payroll office. She describes her experiences at Walker Methodist as, “flexible and always fulfilling.” Today, approximately 1,400 team members rely on Kirkpatrick to ensure their payroll is accurate and on time — a critical role that is sure to draw attention if left undone. But Kirkpatrick emits a presence and demeanor that suggests there are rare moments when her important work is less than exceptional. And her career trajectory, along with her obvious drive, support this. 

“I’ve worked with a lot of people over the years,” says Kirkpatrick. “I’ve moved along … {in my career} … and Walker Methodist has been flexible. Every day is different.”


Meaningful Work = Loyalty 

There are a lot of businesses that require similar payroll responsibilities as those fulfilled by Kirkpatrick, so why Walker Methodist? And why 30 years? Her answer comes easily:   

“Walker has been good to me. I’ve given them a lot of time and in return, they’ve been there for me throughout my life.” 

And, for a position with limited resident contact such as Payroll Manager, Kirkpatrick maintains that the residents bring a daily source of joy. “Senior living is special because you are in their home,” she says. “When you come to work, it’s great to see them … it’s like being around your grandma and grandpa every day. You might be brightening their day, and they’re doing the same for us.”

On her career that has widely flexed over the years, Kirkpatrick says, “You can grow within the company.” And apparently, as she exudes, one’s laughter and smiles can grow, too. 

Start with a career in culinary services, and see where meaningful work and loyalty will take you. 

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