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Highview Hills Stories & Testimonials

Making memories and getting feedback from our residents and their families always touches our hearts. Here are some of our favorite Highview Hills messages:

“I’m more active and healthier since moving into Highview Hills.”

At 90 years of age, Jean shows no sign of slowing down, and she is most thankful for her workout sessions with the Walker Methodist Highview Hills on-site fitness technician, Nick Charest. As Jean attests, she is more active and healthier since moving into Highview in 2016 because of Nick. “He really wants to make people feel better.”

Prior to moving into Highview, Jean had experienced the passing of her husband, Virgil, after 65 years of marriage. The day after Virgil’s funeral, Jean fell and broke her pelvis. In addition, she recently lost two sons. Jean had every reason to be down, but her positive attitude and desire to continue living a full life was evident. Early on, Jean began working with Nick to recover from her fall. Since that time, she has exceeded her workout expectations and continues to work out three times per week  in the fitness center. She credits Nick for her full recovery and ability to live a full
and active life. “Nick has helped me feel the best I have ever felt.”

Jean knew she could trust Nick from her first workout. Nick’s ability to listen carefully helped her achieve her fitness goals. One of Jean’s sons had owned and operated a physical therapy clinic, so she was well aware of the health benefits of following a regiment of physical therapy and exercise. Jean’s health continues to improve; she walks freely on her own and takes no medications of any kind. While her roots and Norwegian heritage can’t hurt, Jean knows consistently working with a trusted health and fitness professional like Nick can make all of the difference.

“The team is just great. We are their prime concern.”

Leroy and Muriel retired to their cabin to live their dream. But as the years passed, they realized they didn’t have access to needed resources and were too far away from their sons. So Leroy and Muriel decided to look for a new home and found Walker Methodist Highview Hills.

As Leroy describes, “We walked in and realized Highview Hills has the friendliest atmosphere. They knew our names before we got here.” They were sold on Highview Hills and found their routine soon after moving in. “Every morning we look at the calendar to see what we’d like to do. Highview Hills has a lot of good programs and we take them all in. Some of the programs are out of this world.”

Whether it’s enjoying the scenic walkways, taking part in a sing-along, or just chatting with friends, Leroy and Muriel make the most of every day together. The restaurant-style dining room is a special treat for Muriel. “I don’t mind  cooking, but if I don’t have to…”

Both Leroy and Muriel find comfort in the fact that the team is always looking out for them. As Leroy explains, “I can’t say enough good things  about the team. They see to our needs.” So it should come as no surprise
when he states, “We’re very happy with Highview Hills. We’re glad we made this decision.”

“The team here treats our mother like she’s their mother. Isn’t that what all of us want for our loved one?”

After our Mom’s first tour of Highview Hills memory care, she said, “We need to make a reservation there.” After her second visit, she didn’t want to go home because she had already made friends and enjoyed the activities, especially the music and singing. Once she moved in, the team went above and beyond to make her feel at home — for example, bringing her coffee and newspaper every morning as she adjusted to her new place. Even the chef made her favorite breakfast of oatmeal with raisins and toast!

And that’s how it’s gone ever since. The team members treat her with respect and dignity and strive to know her as a person. They welcome family involvement, and everyone from the front desk concierge to the kitchen team is friendly and helpful. What pleases us is how kind and welcoming the independent and assisted living residents are to her. This is not just a place for our mom to live — it is a community that embraces her in every way.

You’ll be hard pressed to find an activity program that compares to this one. Many events and activities are held outside of memory care so Mom and her friends are frequently escorted to other parts of the building for a movie, haircut, happy hour, or a fun art project. The bus driver even takes them on a weekly outing. Mom is much more active and alert because of their activity program.

Highview Hills gets a five-star rating in our opinion. Every day we are confident that in spite of her memory loss, Mom is well taken care of and is living a rich, full, high-quality life.

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