Stories & Testimonials

Walker Place Stories & Testimonials

Making memories and getting feedback from our residents and their families always touches our hearts. Below are some of our favorite Walker Place stories.

"Walker Place makes me feel like I'm at home."

Chuck started taking piano lessons when he was just seven years old. Now, he lives at Walker Place in Minneapolis, but he hasn’t stopped playing the piano. When he plays in his new home, residents and team members stop to listen to his music. Chuck has made good friends and appreciates how nice people at Walker Place are to him. Sometimes they even ask him to play their favorite songs.

When he’s not playing piano, Chuck often enjoys exploring the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. “The team members are so knowledgeable about the culture here. They know what’s interesting and what we can do. I’m amazed at all the fun we have in the Twin Cities.”

Chuck compares the feeling of being in the Walker Methodist bus with other residents with riding the school bus as a child. “When we all ride in the bus, we don’t act like children, but we feel young again. We are very happy.” Read more about Chuck's story...

- Chuck, Resident

"If you find the right place, life can be very, very good."

“I've not regretted it a bit. It's a good place to live and it's a very friendly community. Walker Place has been a wonderful, affirmative place to live.

I walk out the front door and I'm in a neighborhood. I go 15 steps one direction and there's somebody to talk to, and 15 steps in the other direction, somebody else to talk to. There are exercise classes. There are discussion groups. There are all sorts of things." Learn more about Shelley's remarkable life...

- Shelley, Resident

"Living here allowed my wife and I to receive the individual care we needed."

If ever there is a model for redefining aging, it’s Orin. Even though he’s in his 80s he jogs around Lake Harriet three days a week, has completed 35 marathons (and counting!), and embodies the power of healthy living.

So it’s really not a surprise to learn he received the Leading Age of Minnesota Spirit of Aging award that celebrates individuals who exemplify positive and active lifestyles.

Orin spent years as a devoted caregiver for his wife, Donna. But when he struggled with his own health issues as a cancer survivor, he realized that he needed help. That’s when Orin turned to Walker Place. Here Donna received specialized care from the helpful staff at Walker Methodist Health Center, and he remained close and could visit her often.

Now, after being a preacher for over 40 years, Orin has found a new calling: to share the benefits of healthy eating and exercise with others. “I am very excited about Walker Methodist’s mission and value system.” Orin is passionate about encouraging people to get healthy and pursue their ambitions. “If we lose our sense of destiny, then we begin to fade out,” he says.

– Orin, Resident

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