Walker Methodist


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Walker Methodist, 09-13-19

A summer-long internship as the Administrative Assistant at Walker Methodist Westwood Ridge led to Marisa Otto’s first job after college, working as the Sales and Marketing Assistant at Westwood Ridge.

Walker Methodist, 09-11-19

Change is an inevitable part of aging. You’ll naturally see a difference in the elasticity of your skin and the preciseness of your memory as you reach your golden years, but you’ll also benefit from the wisdom that comes with being on the pla…

Walker Methodist, 08-29-19

With approximately 40 percent of those over the age of sixty-five suffering from some form of memory impairment, memory care is more important than ever. Those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia need specialized care, complete with a team of …

"We recommend Levande to our friends. The facility is very adequate and the employees are friendly and always helpful."
– Mr. & Mrs. Robbins
"You are a remarkable group of nursing assistants with commitment that exceeds expectations. You are the heart of the Health Center and everyone's success depends on you!"
– Dr. T.
"Thank you for taking time out of your Mother's Day to take good care of my Mom, Ann L."
– Carol E.
"There's a spirit of happiness and acceptance here."
– Rosemary, Resident
"Everyone is friendly, caring, and helpful at Westwood Ridge. I just can't say enough about how safe I felt- it was like a home away from home."
– Mary Ann Dybedahl