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Amy Weiss, 05-28-20

Our residents are still able to participate in many of their favorite activities, and some have even learned new hobbies! Thanks to the creativity of team members, they’re also still playing fun games like bingo. Here are some of our favorite,…

Amy Weiss, 05-21-20

For the past few months, our team members have been working on the frontlines of this global pandemic. They faithfully serve residents and make a difference every day. Nurses, fitness technicians, servers, life enrichment assistants, and many …

Amy Weiss, 05-19-20

Our team members at Walker Methodist support each other well, even more now than ever. We’re so grateful for our team­­—here are just some of the ways they’ve shown up for one another.

"#1 the apartments are very nice. I love all the windows. The front desk is a virtual cornucopia of information! There is a friendly group of people here, and the people who work here are far more patient than I would ever be. They are cheery, and it is an upbeat place to live."
– Joyce Cassidy
"We are grateful to you for all you have done to help dad return home to us."
– The Freeman Family
"Yesterday was perfect, but today I'm doing better."
– Tom, Resident
"Living here allowed my wife and I to receive the individual care we needed."
– Orin, Resident
"You are a remarkable group of nursing assistants with commitment that exceeds expectations. You are the heart of the Health Center and everyone's success depends on you!"
– Dr. T.