Walker Methodist


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Nicole Sauve, PTA, CBIS, 01-23-20

For those struggling with incontinence, trying to live the life they want to live can be discouraging and frustrating. The issue affects more people than you may think: though it can affect anyone of any age, seniors account for more than half…

Rev. Jeremiah Lideen, M. Div., 01-21-20

“There is no argument needed for the necessity of taking time for being alone, for withdrawal, for being quiet without and still within. The sheer physical necessity is urgent because the body and the entire nervous system cry out for the h…

Amy Weiss, 01-16-20

At their lunch table, Evelyn and Jo laugh at inside jokes, share memories, and discuss current events. If you were at the table, you might guess these two women met before becoming neighbors at Walker Methodist Place. And, you’d be correct—Jo …

"My experience with Westwood Ridge Transitional Care was so fantastic that I'm still here two years later...as a volunteer! This place is infectious!"
– Kimber Maurine
"You are a remarkable group of nursing assistants with commitment that exceeds expectations. You are the heart of the Health Center and everyone's success depends on you!"
– Dr. T.
"Living here allowed my wife and I to receive the individual care we needed."
– Orin, Resident
"The Walker staff were so patient with my sister and the people there are just saints!"
– anonymous
"I can't believe how the staff and other residents have proved to be so wonderful! There is such great attention to every detail."
– Carole Tollefson