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Natalie Doornink, 09-15-20

Fitness matters to older adults for a multitude of reasons: improved strength, balance and alignment, range of motion, longevity, mental acuity, and overall wellbeing. Even with these benefits, older adults are often assumed to fit in to the s…

Amy Weiss, 09-08-20

Ron, Thelma, and Arlene may have different backgrounds, but they have at least one thing in common (in addition to living at Walker Methodist Levande)… They all decided to try learning something new: watercolor painting. Prior to June, Ron had…

Jody Carver, Regional Director of Sales, 09-03-20

Transitioning a loved one to a senior community already comes with a range of challenges. The biggest challenge, however, comes when trying to determine what kind of care your loved one is going to need. There are multiple care packages that s…

"Levande has a wonderful variety of enrichment activities, and I am thrilled to see my Mom engaged in a meaningful activity when I stop by to see her."
– -a loving daughter
"Thank you for the loving care you provided during Anna's stay. Your attentiveness to her needs help ease the transition from the hospital to home."
– The Greppner Family
"You are a remarkable group of nursing assistants with commitment that exceeds expectations. You are the heart of the Health Center and everyone's success depends on you!"
– Dr. T.
"The staff is just great. We are their prime concern."
– Leroy & Muriel, Residents
"The team here treats our mother like she's their mother. Isn't that what all of us want for our loved one?"
– Family Member of Resident