Great Food. Made Well.
Every Day. Every Plate.

Gathering over a meal is a beautiful way to create warm and loving social connections. At Walker Methodist, we’ve designed beautiful and comfortable home-like dining areas where residents can freely come and go.

Our Made-to-Order menus feature delicious options made from high-quality, seasonal ingredients.

The Walker Methodist culinary staff remain in-house, allowing them to work alongside our speech therapists, dieticians, and rehabilitation specialists, so that every meal is tailored to the needs of each resident. 


Role Culinary Plays In
Senior Living

Quality of Life

So many cherished life memories stem from enjoying a meal together. Our holistic care involves a high consideration for increased quality of life through our culinary services. Dining is about nutritionally tailored meals that heal while bringing everyone together.

Social Health

We benefit deeply from nourishing foods, and also from lively company around the dining table. At Walker Methodist, we strive to provide not only a balanced and thoughtful diet, but the mental stimulation and joy of community meals.

Physical Health

What we put into our bodies affects how they function. Having a balanced, nutrient-rich diet is important. But food doesn’t simply act as the body’s fuel; the nutrients found in healthy foods can protect the immune system, aid in muscle repair and wound healing, and even improve cognitive function.

Food For Healing and Health

Parkinson's Disease

Specific nutrients are important when managing the onset and progression of Parkinson’s disease. Through the right diet, an individual may experience relief from symptoms and increased quality of life.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

We know that food plays a major role in preserving cognitive function and in assisting the brain in repairing itself. That's why our Kaleidoscope Memory Care Program uses the MIND diet (Mediterranean Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) to help residents live a full life.


An influx of vital nutrients helps rebuild damaged tissue, reducing muscle atrophy, and preserving muscle while increasing strength. Individuals receiving temporary care due to an accident or acute injury benefit from an anti-inflammatory diet.