Joining Forces to Strengthen and Expand Services

Knute Nelson and Walker Methodist

Knute Nelson, based in Alexandria, MN, and Walker Methodist, based in Minnetonka, MN, two esteemed leaders in the aging services field, successfully merged on January 1st, marking a transformative step forward in their shared commitment to enhancing the lives of aging adults.

The strategic decision to merge reflects the organizations’ commitment to expanding home and community-based services programs, housing options, and rehabilitation/skilled nursing care. By consolidating their efforts, Knute Nelson and Walker Methodist aim to better serve and uplift their workforce, residents, and clients across their integrated continuums of care.

Together Knute Nelson and Walker Methodist will serve in more than 58 counties in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Their extensive portfolio consists of 35 housing communities, and a continuum of care that includes home health care, wellness, a therapy continuum, assisted living, memory care and hospice care. Annually, they serve more than 11,500 people with approximately 2,100 team members.

View the combined service area of Knute Nelson and Walker Methodist. 

WalkerLogoElementAbout Walker Methodist

Walker Methodist is a faith-based non-profit that owns, operates and manages 19 senior living communities in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Their continuum of care includes senior housing for independent and assisted living, memory care, enhanced assisted living (care suites), transitional care skilled nursing, rehab therapy, fitness, and wellness.

Leaves-02About Knute Nelson

Knute Nelson is a nonprofit, Christian-based organization founded in 1948 through a bequest by the late U.S Senator and Governor of Minnesota, Knute Nelson, to provide care for older adults. For over 75 years, the organization has expanded services to ensure access to care is available to older adults wherever they call home.



WalkerLogoElement Life. And all the living that goes with it. Enhancing the lives of older adults through a culture of care, respect, and service. 

Leaves-02To enrich the lives of everyone we serve.


WalkerLogoElementAs the leading senior services provider, Walker Methodist offers the best place to live and work. 

Leaves-02To provide innovative solutions that empower individuals to thrive.


WalkerLogoElementRespect; Imagination; Collaboration. 

Leaves-02Christian Heritage; Customer Well-Being; Valuing People; Community Engagement; Stewardship. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will lead the organization?

Mark Anderson, CEO of Knute Nelson, was appointed as the new president and CEO of our merged organization on January 1, 2024. 

Scott Riddle, former Walker Methodist CEO, retired on December 31, 2023. 

Our newly formed Senior Leadership team can be found here.

What is the difference between a merger and acquisition? Which is this?

Mergers and acquisitions are often lumped together as one term, but they are different. Acquisitions are when one company purchases or acquires the other and the culture, name, and mission of the acquired must change. A merger is when two companies join together, neither one having more authority than the other. This is a merger of equals. With similar financials and asset value, similar numbers of employees, and similar number of customers served, these are two very similar companies joining forces to make a bigger impact. Neither has more authority or financial value than the other. There is currently a Knute Nelson way of doing, a Walker Methodist way of doing and our vision and goal is to collaboratively create a new way of doing.

What is the impact on our current residents, clients, and donors that we serve?

Residents and clients will continue to experience the same great care every day. Their rents, health care packages, and billing will not change as a result of the merger.

Donors can expect that both Foundations will continue to operate separately during the current phase. This means that donations will still directly support the specific organization they choose to contribute to. The good work and initiatives of each Foundation will carry on as usual, and donor support will continue to have a meaningful impact on the causes they care about.

The Why


Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

Both organizations have a deep faith-based history as well as a commitment to fostering a servant leadership culture.

Ability to Hire and Retain Leadership

Ability to Hire and Retain Leadership

This merger will allow us the best opportunity to have great talent in leadership roles.

Ability to Expand

Ability to Expand

The combined entity will allow opportunities for expansion geographically and with service lines.

Ability to Hire and Retain Leadership

Ability to Hire and Retain Leadership

We will be able to provide greater opportunities for all employees to build on their goals.

Access to Technology

Access to Technology

The merger will allow us to trial potential solutions and have higher-quality technology across our organization.

Access to Capital

Access to Capital

The combination of our organizations provides financial stability of additional resources and diversified sources helping mitigate and/or spread risk.

Ability to Compete

Ability to Compete

The combined entity will allow for significant scale in contracting in the new world of value-based payment.

Complexities of Health Care

Complexities of Health Care

The ability to identify, adapt, and deliver on the mission promise is of the utmost importance in the pursuit of excellence.