Benevolence Fund

Scott R. Riddle Benevolence Endowment Fund

This fund, established in 2023, is named in honor of retiring President and CEO of Walker Methodist. It is a testament to Scott R. Riddle's unwavering passion for serving older adults and providing them with the financial assistance they may need. It exemplifies his dedication to making a difference in the lives of those Walker Methodist cares for, reflecting the compassion and commitment that has defines Scott's leadership.


Bridging the financial gap

The primary purpose of the fund is to provide support to residents facing financial obstacles, enabling them to continue residing within their Walker Methodist home should they not be financially able to on their own.

The Benevolence Fund serves as a critical bridge, addressing the financial gap that can emerge between income and expenses, while alleviating the burdens of financial hardship, all while preserving essential care and housing services.

To make a contribution and support our residents, please fill out the form below, or reach out to the Walker Methodist Foundation at or 612-827-8462.