Walker Methodist Compliance Charter

The Compliance Help Line

The corporate compliance officer oversees the compliance program, which functions to review and evaluate compliance issues and concerns within the origination.

The Help Line is available to anyone who wants to report a suspected issue or concern. Reports can be made anonymously and Walker Methodist will not permit any form of retaliation against anyone making a report in good faith.

Help Link 612-827-8360


Walker Methodist is a nonprofit organization that operates in a complex, dynamic, and highly competitive environment. The organization’s business is regulated at both the federal and state level. To assist senior management in its responsibilities relating to operational compliance with applicable legal requirements and sound ethical standards, the organization has established a Compliance Oversight Committee.


Compliance and HIPAA Risk Assessments and Audits, Compliance Help Line, Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, Breach Investigations, Contract Lifecycle Management, Document Management.


Walker Methodist supports our vision to be the best place to live and work by embracing principles of Just Culture and Servant Leadership. To assist Walker Methodist in its responsibilities relating to organizational compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and sound ethical standards, the organization has established a Compliance Oversight Committee. The committee will be anchored to the core focus areas of quality, legal requirements, regulatory compliance, and ethical standards supporting our culture of Servant Leadership.

Focus Areas:

  • Risk Assessments
  • HIPAA Compliance, Data, and Breach Investigations
  • Compliance Help Line
  • Regulatory Investigations, Inspections, and Survey Compliance
  • Internal and External Investigations
  • Financial Audits
  • Code of Conduct and Business Ethics
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Document Management

The committee will meet at least 4 times each year, and at other times as necessary to fulfil its responsibilities. At least one Executive team member will attend each meeting. The Committee will maintain meeting minutes and retain records as required. Focus areas will be reviewed in meetings at a frequency deemed necessary based on current conditions.


  • To develop policies and procedures that define standards for compliance.
  • Provide necessary education to team members.
  • To maintain awareness of applicable laws and regulations that may affect Walker Methodist.
  • To review compliance issues through a lens of Servant Leadership and Just Culture.
  • To ensure Walker Methodist and relevant stakeholders are aware of the compliance program, promote understanding of compliance issues, laws and regulations, and consequences of noncompliance.
  • To review complaints, concerns, or issues relative to compliance issues, and to provide consultative leadership and support.
  • To review auditing processes to ensure accurate, complete, and compliant programs across Walker Methodist.
  • To conduct investigations in a manner that upholds the confidentiality of information.
  • To maintain documentation of Walker Methodist Compliance Oversight Committee activities.
  • To monitor emerging issues potentially affecting the reputation of Walker Methodist.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Walker Methodist is committed to protecting the privacy and safeguarding the security of your health information. Our Notice of Privacy Practices pertains to our clinically integrated team members, other health care providers we work with, and it pertains to uses and disclosures of your protected health information whether made verbally, on paper, electronically, or through a health information exchange operated by Walker Methodist or a business associate. Additionally, it describes how you can obtain access to your information.


Download Notice of Privacy Practices

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 – HIPAA

HIPAA is federal legislation that was made law by Congress in 1996. With all the advancements in electronic technology, Congress recognized the need for federal privacy protections of individually identifiable health information and therefore has mandated privacy protections.

  • The HIPAA Privacy Rule became effective April 14, 2003 and is aimed at safeguarding the privacy of individuals through increased accountability in the areas of privacy and security. The Privacy Rule establishes a foundation for federal protection of the privacy of protected health information.
  • The HIPAA Security Rule became effective April 20, 2005 and calls for the protection of PHI in electronic formats.

Compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule is required for Walker Methodist communities, services, and offices because they transmit resident health information electronically related to health care claims, payment, or services.

Notice of Guest Wifi

The Walker Methodist Wi-Fi is provided solely for use by Walker Methodist’s residents, patients, and guests. Any other use is unauthorized. This guest Wi-Fi and internet access is provided at no cost.
Walker Methodist is not:

  • Responsible for the content of the Internet.
  • Responsible for sensitive information communicated through this public wireless connection, such as credit card, personal data, or banking information. Please be sure that your device’s anti-virus and firewall software are up-to-date.
  • Responsible for Wi-Fi user’s failure to respect copyright laws and licensing agreements pertaining to materials obtained from the internet.

Walker Methodist assumes no responsibility and is not liable for any:

  • Loss of data.
  • Damage or viruses/malware that may infect your device on account of your access to, or use of Walker Methodist’s wireless connection.

Walker Methodist does not guarantee that your hardware or software will work with our wireless connection.

Walker Methodist Team Members cannot:

  • Assist in making changes to the user’s network settings.
  • Perform any troubleshooting on user’s device.
  • If user has problems accessing the Internet over the wireless connection, refer to the owners’ manual for device or contact other support services, offered by the device manufacturer.

Internet speed

Walker Methodist does not guarantee the speed of internet access within our communities.

Internet speeds can be impacted by the internet provider’s infrastructure, Walker Methodist’s infrastructure and the number of devices and activities of other users within the community. The guest Wi-Fi provided by Walker Methodist is intended for personal use and is not to be used for business applications.

Walker Methodist reserves the right to restrict bandwidth usage to prevent the monopolization of network bandwidth.


Walker Methodist’s Guest Wi-Fi uses multiple security protocols and multiple networking protocols. Walker Methodist does not guarantee that every device will work with the security and networking protocols used.

While Walker Methodist’s firewall does scan web activity for viruses, it is not Walker Methodist’s responsibility to protect guest devices from viruses. Walker Methodist strongly recommends that devices have current antivirus and firewall software installed on them.

Walker Methodist’s Guest Wi-Fi restricts the ability for one device to see another device on the network. In this manner, it is a very secure network. While this is critical to prevent one person’s device from seeing/using another person’s device, such as a printer, it can also prevent that person from printing to their own printer. It also can prevent a person’s iPad from sharing photos with their own computer. If you have a need for wireless devices to communicate with each other, Walker Methodist recommends that you use an Internet Service Provider other than Walker’s Guest WiFi.

Walker Methodist recognizes the occasional desire of individual residents to utilize video monitoring within their apartment homes. If you are considering this type of action, we encourage you to first consult with the Executive Director/Campus Administrator at your community so that the reason for this action can be discussed. It is our goal to work with you to reach a mutually agreeable outcome that does not infringe on the privacy rights of others in the community. Footage obtained via video monitoring is considered protected health information and utmost care should be taken to ensure its confidentiality. Use of a secure outside Internet Service Provider is important in maintaining this confidentiality and preserving bandwidth necessary for business operations.

Walker Methodist does monitor and filter web content in an effort to prevent illegal activity. Illegal behavior such as unauthorized sharing of copyrighted music, movies, videos, games or software is strictly prohibited.

Walker Methodist IT staff will not repair, configure, or otherwise access resident computers or other electronic devices.