Spiritual Life

How We Fulfill Our Mission

At Walker Methodist, we are guided by principles given to us by our Methodist founders. Our common roots, beliefs, and practices hold that all persons are equally valuable in the light of God. Faith always includes a nurturing, social dimension.

Our chaplains provide support and services to all, regardless of their religious, non-religious, or spiritual path. We do this as a way of nurturing the whole person in body, mind, and spirit, with the understanding that the three are interwoven.


Rev. Kevin Coder

Vice President of Spiritual Life
Servant leadership trait: Coming alongside others on their journeys

Malcolm Anderson

Servant leadership trait: Sharing the gift of music
KCS headshot

Katie Chatelaine-Samsen

Servant Leadership trait: Listening to and engaging with people as they tell their stories

Rev. Erin Hurley Robinson

Team Wellness Chaplain
Servant leadership trait: Caring about the perspectives and values of other
Grace Koleczek Chaplain

Grace Koleczek

Servant leadership trait: Seeking to understand and provide a nonjudgmental, compassionate listening ear
Michael Peterson Chaplain

Michael Peterson

Servant leadership trait: Staying calm in difficult situations
CH Rivera Headshot

Rev. Michael Rivera

Servant leadership trait: Equipping people to thrive
Beth Telander

Beth Telander

Servant leadership trait: Helping others see the blessings in their lives
Tom Waknitz

Tom Waknitz

Servant leadership trait: Helping and lending what I know to make the entire team or experience better
Kellan Weyer

Rev. Kellan Weyer

Servant leadership trait: Attending to residents’ needs in whatever way I can

Spiritual Enrichment Opportunities

We provide many opportunities for spiritual life and enrichment at each of our communities, including: 

  • Worship services, which are broadly Christian and created for the unique needs of each group. 
  • The chapel in the Bryant Avenue campus in Minneapolis is physically situated at the center of the community. In the presence of stained glass, a pipe organ and grand piano, and seasonal altar decor, the community gathers each Sunday morning for a service of music, preaching, monthly Holy Communion, and monthly Memorial Service. All Christian holidays are celebrated with additional worship services. Roman Catholic Communion is offered monthly, an anointing mass is held twice a year, and Catholic Eucharistic ministers visit weekly for individual communion. Area Catholic churches provide uniquely Catholic support at other housing sites.
  • Chaplains on site are available to all for one-to-one or family support visits related to transition, loss, grief, illness, emotional distress, loneliness, search for meaning, purpose, and inner peace. Chaplaincy support is also offered to team members. 
  • Helping to contact an individual's home church, synagogue, temple, or spiritual community upon request.
  • End-of-life care and support. Walker Methodist's unique Passages and Dignity Quilt programs provide comfort to the dying, their family, and caregivers.
  • Prayer Circles. Held to support staff members who are experiencing a personal or family crisis.
  • Labyrinth at our Bryant Avenue campus. Our chapel has an inlaid labyrinth for anyone who wishes to walk their journey.

Walker Methodist is Blessed

Our dedicated volunteers are here to support you. With an Auxiliary group and team of dedicated volunteers who support other spiritual activities including parties, holiday gift giving, companionship, chapel escorts, fundraising, advocacy, and more.

Our Methodist Heritage

Our historic connection with the Methodist church began in 1945 when the Methodist Home, operated by the Norwegian-Danish Conference, and the Harriet Walker Maternity Hospital merged to become Walker Methodist. At all our communities, Walker Methodist is led by the power of the Christian spirit and in particular in accordance with the concepts of the general ministry of all believers. Walker Methodist is deemed by the United Methodist Conference as an “Advanced Special Giving Mission,” a place where the Methodist Church can fulfill its own mission for caring for seniors.

Your Safe Place

Spiritual care assists residents in tapping into what gives them meaning, including religious beliefs and practices but is not limited to this. A person’s spirituality is a deep, inner resource from which to draw from, especially during times of challenge and transition. Spiritual care can offer a sense of calm, hope, and healing to older adults. Chaplaincy programs allow the expression of grief and loss and create a safe place for feelings to be released.