75 Years of Serving Seniors

A Story of a Lifetime: Honoring Our Past and Enhancing Our Future

This year we're celebrating 75 years of serving older adults! In 1945, the Walker Methodist Health Center began its mission of enhancing the lives of older adults. Join us as we reflect on our history and look forward to our next 75 years.

Though we've changed some of our plans because of the coronavirus pandemic, but we're still celebrating! We'd love to have you join us...Stay tuned for more information.


    Learn more about the history of Walker Methodist, our founders, and others who have contributed to who we are today.

  • Euphemia Norris Overlock

    This founding woman was known for serving others and caring for the people she loved.

    6 Euphemia Norris Overlock-1
  • Charlotte Van Cleve

    The first president of present-day Walker Methodist was a passionate activist with a lasting legacy.

    14 Charlotte Van Cleve-1
  • Abby Mendenhall

    A gardener and leader, this woman helped found what is now Walker Methodist.

  • Bill and Caroline Pilgram

    This couple's story is deeply connected to Walker Methodist, and Bill now lives at Place in Minneapolis.

  • Mrs. Campbell Keith

    The first administrator of the Walker Methodist Health Center was a visionary and dedicated advocate.

    9 Mrs- Campbell Keith-1-1
  • Archie Walker, Sr.

    The youngest son of T.B. and Harriet Walker contributed to his family's legacy and still has an impact today.

    3 Archie Walker-1-1
  • Chapel Windows

    The beautiful stained-glass windows in the chapel at Walker Methodist's Minneapolis campus have a vibrant history...