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3 reasons we use HUR fitness equipment

Aaron Aslakson, director of fitness centers | Oct 7, 2021

Our bodies are designed to move. Though the aging process changes what our bodies can do, this is especially true for seniors. That's why we use fitness equipment from HUR, a Finnish company that specializes in senior fitness. HUR equipment has many features that make it ideal for those looking to build and maintain strength while lowering risk of injury.


Photo from HUR USA.

Why do we choose HUR? Here are three reasons...

1. SmartCard technology

The days of using paper and pencil to log your workouts are over. All your information is stored on a computer kiosk in the fitness center. When you sign up as a member, you are given a username and password, which allows you to access your exercise programs. You'll also receive a SmartCard. Going from machine to machine, you insert the card and the rest is easy: the machine sets the weights, indicates how many sets/reps to do, and times rest periods. It even counts for you!

2. Natural transmission

Trademarked by HUR, natural transmission is a special feature of all HUR equipment. When you do resistance exercises, the force capabilities of your muscles change throughout the range of motion. For that reason, HUR equipment matches force capabilities to mimic your muscles' natural functions. This provides a smooth range of motion, butequally as important—it provides even resistance throughout the entire exercise.

3. User-friendly safety features

HUR equipment has several different safety features that that make utilizing them even easier. Small weight increments make adjust resistance simple. Easy on/off access, with strategically placed handles, means moving from machine to machine is safe. Finally, air resistance provides a quiet environment. No weights slamming to the ground—only air moving in and out of the machine.

Want to learn more about this unique equipment? Check out the newest HUR machine at Havenwood of Buffalo...

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