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Caring for the Whole Person

Kate Nelson | Aug 15, 2023

Since 2014, Walker Methodist has been offering residents
integrative care programs.integrative 3-1 An integrative approach combines alternative care, western medicine, and complementary medicine to deliver comprehensive, person-centered care.
The integration of medical and non-medical interventions helps improve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

One unique approach we offer is Music and Memory™,
a national program that equips people with a personalized playlist on a personal music player. Music is deeply rooted in
our conscious and unconscious brains, and as we age or the brain experiences deterioration, music can unlock memories like nothing else and bring joy and peace.

Another integrative approach that has brought comfort to many of our resident is the use of robotic cats and dogs from Joy for All™. When Walker Methodist resident, Helen, moved into a Walker Methodist Kaleidoscope community, she left her hobby farm, including her beloved cat, Sally. Helen was devastated to leave her friend at the hobby farm but knew Sally would be happiest running around outdoors. When a robotic cat was introduced to Helen, it made the transition to her new home much easier. She knew this wasn’t a real cat, but it brought her comfort and familiarity just the same, allowing her to relax and make the transition less stressful. Helen’s family also felt that comfort and knew their loved one was in the right place.

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