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Feels Like Family

Amy Weiss | Oct 7, 2020

A lead RA found a place to share her passion at Walker Methodist

“There goes my best friend!”

That’s what Takiya Ross hears every morning from a resident when she walks down the hall of the care suites neighborhood of her Walker Methodist community. For Takiya, warm greetings from residents bring a smile to her face, but that’s just one reason she loves her job as lead resident assistant (RA).

Relationships All Around

“I love seeing the residents happy,” shared Takiya, whose favorite part of her job is making sure residents have what they need so they can enjoy life.

“I’m able to help them, but they also care for me. It’s special to have a connection with someone. From residents to management, relationships here make the environment joyful.”

This environment, Takiya explained, has given her opportunities to learn and grow. In addition to leading her team of RAs, Takiya has been able to gain experience in other areas, including scheduling and administration. She appreciates the trusting, strong relationships between team members, knowing she can go to her supervisors and feel comfortable sharing her feelings.

Team Dynamic

“Walker Methodist has done a lot for me, and it’s a happy atmosphere to be in,” she said. And thanks to her leadership, Takiya’s own team stays positive, focusing on teamwork and communication: “My team gets along so well; we’re like a family. The people here—team leaders to residents who greet me daily—are great people.”

Takiya enjoys her career as lead RA, and she especially loves knowing that she is making a difference every day. She’s always had a passion for helping others, being there for people, and making those around her happy. At Walker Methodist, Takiya’s found a place that allows her to share her passion—and it gives those gifts of joy and community back to her, too.


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