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Four Advantages of Independent Living

Elizabeth Meyer | Oct 29, 2015

Transition at any stage of life comes with its own unique set of circumstances, and a list of considerations and tasks associated. A transition to senior living takes planning, preparedness, and maybe even praying. If you’ve been considering the transition yourself but haven’t come to the right conclusion about whether or not independent living is right for you, perhaps this may help.

1. Human Connection

Group of seniors socializingAt an independent senior living community, you’ll meet residents around your age. There’s a whole socializing aspect behind these communities that can help improve the quality of life for those transitioning from their large-scale life in a previous home or neighborhood. The neighbors you meet will become the friends you see regularly at events, activities, and will support you when you need it most.

Independent living communities at Walker Methodist have additional services and options you can choose based on your needs and desires. Housekeeping, health care, and other services also keep you connected personal connections.

2. A Vibrant Social Life

Maintaining your current level of activity or participation in the things you love today doesn’t have to end when you move to independent living. That’s a legitimate concern for many residents as they transition. You might be surprised to find even more activities and socialization at your new community. We offer a wide range of classes, events, support groups, activities, and other social functions at each community. We have staff and volunteers devoted to activities at Walker Methodist, and each month, there’s a calendar of life enrichment events so you can plan your life accordingly, month by month.

On the other side, perhaps you view independent living as a chance to slow down, or cut back on commitments. That’s the beauty of the “independent” in living; it’s all up to you. With independent senior living also comes the ability to simplify, slow down, and appreciate the stage of life you’re at.

3. Freedom + SafetySenior couple walking on sidewalk

An independent living community at Walker Methodist is your own home. You come and go as you please; you decorate and set up your own space according to your needs and style. It is your home, your sacred space. You’re able to determine the type of support or interaction you desire while appreciating the fact that your freedom is also secure.

Our independent living campuses have security systems that create and promote a safe community and place to live so there’s never concern about your safety or privacy. If you encounter issues with your home’s function or need assistance with any components of independent living, we support that to ensure your space is happy, healthy, and meets your standards, exceeding expectations.

4. Assistance, When You Need It

Its there if you need it, when you need it. Independent living offers a downsizing opportunity many seniors look forward to. Less space to clean, maintain, and manage. Our independent senior living communities offer cleaning and dining services, health care options, landscaping, activity programming, services and support for family, and much more. Yet, you determine what aspects of assistance you need, and want.

The flexibility to choose should your options change is a feature seniors appreciate. They are still in control of their everyday lives, and Walker Methodist just strives to complement that, supporting individuals to be as independent as they wish. 

There are many different reasons why older adults transition to an independent living community. Seeking out the perfect fit can only be up to you. There are several advantages covered here, and several more that I’d be happy to share with you and your loved ones if you’re ready for more information on our independent living communities.


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