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Give to the Max Day is November 14

Marilyn Peller Nelson | Nov 7, 2019


What nonprofits do with donations and why you should care

When Ray became a Memory Care resident at Walker Methodist, his wife Nancy made sure his caregiver, Sam, knew he loved music. His favorites? 60s music and Lionel Richie. Right away, Sam made an iPod with Ray's favorite songs and gave it to him as part of the Music & Memory program™. A few days later, Nancy tearfully thanked Sam for making a difference in not only Ray's life but hers as well. Thanks to people who financially support the Walker Foundation, we can continue to bring joy to people like Ray and Nancy.

Why Nonprofits?

Nonprofit organizations, including Walker Methodist, promote the well-being of society by providing programs, products, and services to meet needs in our communities. Nonprofits vary in work, but they all use funds raised to support their missions. As they give back to their communities, meet needs, and reach goals, nonprofits utilize the talents of individuals and employ many people. In fact, one out of nine employees in Minnesota works at a nonprofit! These employees help organizations fulfill their missions and represent a strong economic driver. When nonprofits thrive, so do we.

At Walker Methodist, our employees and volunteers work daily to fulfill our mission of enhancing the lives of older adults through a culture of care, respect, and service. We believe older adults deserve a life of enriching experiences in a comfortable, safe setting. Just because someone is “older,” using a wheelchair, or facing other disabilities does not mean they cannot have a rich, fulfilling life. Our goal is to provide meaningful programs that enhance the lives of older adults. Our mission will become more relevant as the aging population grows, and we want to be ready to meet today and tomorrow’s needs.

Our society believes investing in youth creates a strong foundation for our future and that families keep communities vibrant. Why wouldn’t we believe in the value of delivering a high quality of life and loving care for older adults? At Walker Methodist, we do.

The Difference You Make

November 14 is Give to the Max Day in Minnesota. More than 6,000 nonprofits will raise funds to meet the needs of their customers. (Last year, people like you generously gave more than $20 million to participating nonprofits!) From housing to education to art, Give to the Max Day is a celebration of life-changing programs and services delivered to those in need. Together, we keep our communities strong by championing causes near and dear to us. Recipients and impacted communities cannot survive without your help, but you may discover you need them, too!

older adult with headphones

The Music & Memory program™ helps dementia patients find themselves through music.

If you believe everybody–regardless of age–deserves a life full of enriching experiences in a comfortable, safe setting, you believe in Walker Methodist. Your gift provides quality care, fulfilling activities, and joy to people like Ray. On Give to the Max Day, we invite you to join us in this mission.

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