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Julieanna's recovery: "I will always be so grateful that I came here."

Amy Weiss | Nov 4, 2021

“I will always be grateful that I came here.” — Julieanna, TCU resident at the Health Center

Earlier this year, Julieanna fell at home and broke her right foot. As her hospital stay came to a close, her nurse recommended she come to the transitional care unit (TCU) at the Walker Methodist Health Center in Minneapolis. Julieanna took her nurse's advice, and she described her arrival at the Health Center in her own words: "I thought the area was nice, and I felt safe here."


Julieanna worked with a variety of teams, including therapy, life enrichment, healthcare, spiritual life, and social services. She came in to the Health Center non-weight bearing, but after receiving therapy six days per week, Julieanna is now independent. "The Health Center was extraordinary since day one. I had a cozy room all to myself, and the food and meals were wonderful. The therapy was absolutely fantastic. When I participated in the programming and activities, I could tell the team members really cared about encouraging me," she explained. "They discovered my interests, what I wanted, and activities I enjoyed. The team listened to me on my roughest days. Always good and kind, they did a wonderful job."

When it was time for Julieanna to go home, the social services team was there every step of the way. Describing them as a compassionate, responsive godsend, she said they truly helped make her discharge possible.

Whatever hesitations she had about staying in a new place were quickly replaced with appreciation for the compassionate team members. Throughout her stay, Julieanna said she always felt welcome, and she credits her progress to team members who "helped me believe I could make progress." She believes that their encouragement, positivity, and faith helped her recover.

“The team helped me believe I could make progress... Because of their encouragement, positivity, and faith, I knew I could recover.”

"I recommend the Health Center to others — 100%. As we journey through life, sometimes we need help. And that’s what I got here: support to help me get back home with my husband," Julianna said. "For the rest of my life, I will always be so grateful that I came here."

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