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Memorial Day reflections

Amy Weiss | May 28, 2021

RA playing for our VeteranLawrence, a veteran living at Havenwood of Buffalo, loves listening to Alicia, resident assistant, play the piano. Every time she works, Lawrence asks her to play. “She’s wonderful,” he commented. “She is good at playing the piano, and she cares about senior citizens.” Alicia, who loves bringing joy and peace to residents through music, is happy to oblige.

“I used to only play for my family and friends. But, ever since I started playing for residents, the experience has brought me joy, too,” she explained. “I often think of the long and hard lives many residents have lived. If the music I play brings them comfort, I’m more than happy.”

Alicia believes getting to know residents is important. She takes time to learn about those she serves, helping them feel at home and comfortable in their environment. She’s also grateful for the ways she has connected personally with residents through her job and feels honored to hear their stories. And for Lawrence, living at a place like Havenwood of Buffalo means his life (and service) is celebrated. He said, “It’s an honor to live somewhere where people know me and my story.”

This Memorial Day, we honor people like Lawrence who’ve served our country. In his own words, Lawrence described this day as “a time for rest and memories.” Moments like the one captured here, with Alicia creating space for reflection, show the power of remembrance and reflection.

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