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Walker Methodist - Memory Care Support, Communities, and More

Candace McCarty | Nov 16, 2016

While certain moments can include more clarity than others, there's only one direction for individuals living with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other types of memory loss: forward. With compassionate and specialized memory care services, individuals facing memory loss don’t have to settle for just getting by – they can thrive.

Walker Methodist’s Memory Care Services

Memory Care Resources and More at Walker MethodistWalker Methodist’s memory care neighborhoods place the needs of individuals with dementia, memory loss, and Alzheimer's first by providing specially trained staff 24/7, buildings designed for safety, environments that are reminiscent of where they used to live, delicious meal options, engaging activities that enrich life, and access to controlled outdoor areas. We place utmost importance on providing a safe, dignified environment for all.

Resources for Individuals Facing Memory Loss

Below, I’ve outlined some specialized programs designed for individuals with memory loss,  Alzheimer’s and dementia. Each program and service are focused on meeting an individual’s cognitive, social, and emotional needs.

Memory Cafés

Memory Cafés provide a place for people with memory loss and their loved ones to come together and connect. It’s an opportunity for families and friends to meet and share, as well as individuals facing memory loss to connect with each other.

Music & Memory

Walker Methodist became a MUSIC & MEMORY℠ Certified Organization in 2014, and many of our memory care Residents have thrived within the program. The program brings access to personalized music as a way of enriching the lives of individuals with memory loss.

Memory Journal Walker MethodistMemory Journal

The importance of creating spaces and methods for sharing memories and experiences, whether it be with loved ones, friends, or acquaintances, is so important. To help those conversations along, we created a memory journal that’s filled with questions and prompts, and it’s free to download.

Personalized Support

Each individual with memory loss receives personalized support. We realize everyone is different in their needs, preferences, and beliefs. Walker Methodist customizes all of our services to the individual, not just the diagnosis.

Communities with Memory Care Services

Currently, we have five communities that offer memory care services:

Beyond the superior care individuals receive, we ensure countless opportunities for interaction and socialization within our memory care neighborhoods, as well as outside of it.

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