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Senior Community Fitness Centers

Anneliese Peterson | Mar 23, 2015

Everyone, no matter what his or her age, can benefit from staying fit and active. Physical exercise has been linked to lower incidence of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes as well as health crises like strokes and heart attacks. Plus, exercise wards off depression, improves your sense of well-being, increases your mobility, and helps your balance. That's true whether you're 18 or 80.

Four of our Walker Methodist senior living communities in the greater Minneapolis area offer the benefits of fitness centers. We've put together a team of health, fitness, and counseling professionals to create a wellness program designed especially for older adults. We understand that traditional exercise clubs can be a bit daunting and too rigorous for some. That's why we've created a set of fitness centers that are beneficial to your health and fun, too. Our centers target health and fitness issues of concern to older adults at all fitness and care levels.

How is a Senior Living Fitness Center Different?

The Walker Methodist fitness centers are designed to help older adults get the most out of life. We like to think that we're both a place to help you stay active and independent, as well as a community that encourages and fosters good health. Our fitness centers are membership clubs for both residents and seniors who live in the community. We offer modern, state-of-the-art exercise equipment, designed with the needs and safety of older adults in mind.

fitnesscenter1Our exercise equipment includes HUR strength training machines, NuStep and Biodex commercial cardio machines and treadmills and a FreeMotion Vectre all-inclusive cable machines. We also have free weights, exercise balls, therabands, and other types of training equipment. We offer a wide variety of regularly scheduled group exercise classes on impact-absorbing flooring, including a number of specialty classes that emphasize things like balance, strength training, and mobility. Plus, there are trainers and coaches available to help you get the most from your exercise regimen.

Benefits of using a Fitness Center

The fitness centers at Walker Methodist offer a number of benefits to residents of our senior living community and outside members. Staying physically fit can help you heal more quickly from injuries and/or surgery. In addition, regular physical activity helps improve your balance and coordination, helping to prevent falls and other accidents. Plus, exercising with other people is fun! Staying fit and active helps your mental outlook and gives you an opportunity to interact with other residents and people with similar interests.

For new senior living community residents or those who have just moved to the area to be with family, joining a Walker Methodist fitness center is a great way to meet new friends and become adjusted more quickly to your new life.

Membership at the Fitness Centers

We offer membership packages for all needs and desires. We have monthly packages that range from basic use of the equipment and participation in classes to specialized one-on-one training with one of our fitness professionals. You can also just drop in and participate in any of our classes for a low, one-time fee. Many insurance companies recognize the long-term health benefits of programs like ours and cover all or part of our membership fees.

Where to find Senior Fitness Centers

There are four Walker Methodist fitness centers in the greater Minneapolis area. You can find our fitness centers at the Health Center in Minneapolis, at Place in Minneapolis, at Highview Hills in Lakeview, and in Westwood Ridge in West St. Paul. To arrange a visit or to learn more about our fitness centers or care options, contact Walker Methodist Health Care System.

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