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Stronger than ever: Sam helps others build confidence daily

Amy Weiss | Sep 2, 2021

Sam Fitzpatrick knows what it’s like to try something new. She knows how it feels to not be able to do things she loves, and she knows what it’s like to work toward a goal. Thankfully, she also knows how to help others on similar journeys.

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Growing up, Sam suffered a series of injuries as an athlete. Trying to stay active, she signed up for a class at her local community center, one of the only activities she could do: Zumba. The youngest person there by decades, Sam kept coming back each week, dancing at the back of the room. Slowly, her confidence increased. She moved a row up each time, and soon enough she was at the front of the group. That's how she learned that fitness offers more than physical benefits.

When she went off to college, Sam decided to study exercise and sports science, concentrating in fitness. Though she served a variety of ages during her internships, she noticed that older clients saw the most improvement. So when she joined the team at Westwood Ridge, she had one goal: to help fitness center members enjoy life and be as independent as possible. She comes to work each day with the philosophy that a small investment in health and fitness can give people the time and ability to do the things they love with the people they love.

In short, Sam helps fitness center members get stronger. And that new strength helps them face day-to-day life with ease and confidence. Using her extensive knowledge, she relates every exercise to daily life and focuses on personal training sessions with real-time benefits. Instead of bicep curls, which use a motion not practical for everyday activities, Sam might suggest overhead presses. Her application of science and physiology helps members reach into cabinets, get blankets from shelves, and lift grocery bags.

Not only does she help members get stronger physically, but she helps them grow more confident. “The most powerful change I’ve seen is a change in attitude. Change starts slowly and people don’t realize it’s happening,” she explained. “Change happens one day at a time, and sometimes they’re surprised to see how much progress was made in so little time. Knowing how far they’ve come gives them motivation to keep going––and a new appreciation for hard work that brings the results they. They learn from experience that they can do hard things, giving them ability and confidence to try new things in daily life.” Even if something doesn’t go perfectly, they are in a safe, encouraging space to try.

Fitness center members are certainly reaping the benefits of Sam’s training: Art can stand from a chair without using his hands. Mary can stand straight enough to look others in the eye. Diane’s posture is better. “As people get older, they are often told to do less and less. My job is to find out what my clients can do, and then I make sure they get better every day," she said. “Making the best use of their time and effort, I want to help others become the best version of themselves as soon as possible.”

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