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The Benefits of Group Exercise

Aaron Aslakson, director of fitness centers | Jan 29, 2018

While each person has a perception of the type of exercise and fitness they feel fits them best, group exercise classes provide some unique benefits that you can’t get by exercising on your own. In this edition of From the Fitness Center, I wanted to highlight the top three benefits that group exercise classes provide.


Elderly group exercise.jpegWhen someone exercises on their own, they tend to fall into the rut of only doing exercises that are comfortable or appealing to them. Furthermore, many people tend not to exercise at a level that truly challenges them. While all exercise has health-related benefits, the principles of exercise would tell us that for overall health, a variety of exercise is important.Group exercise can naturally provide this variety. Different classes work on various aspects of exercise that are important to overall health. Classes may specialize in aerobic endurance, strength, balance or flexibility, or have components of each within one single class.



In group exercise, this benefit can come from a couple different angles. Occasionally people feel accountable to attend a specific class weekly because of other class participants or the class instructor. More often, the consistent schedule of group exercise classes creates an accountability to exercise. At many fitness centers, the group exercise schedule stays consistent or is set at least one month in advance. This allows participants to set aside specific times each week they know they will exercise versus the challenge of having to hold yourself accountable for being at the fitness center.


Social Interaction

While this may not appeal to everyone, or you may not think this is something that is important to you, it is something that you can only get from group exercise classes. The social interaction of group exercise classes can add to the accountability factor listed above, but also help to encourage and challenge one another in class. Most importantly, the social interaction from group exercise can make the class fun and build friendships outside of the classroom. 


Exercise and fitness are essential to maintaining good health. Please join us at Walker Methodist for our weekly group exercise classes! While schedules vary slightly between locations, the weekly group exercise schedule consists of classes for balance, strength training, tai chi, and yoga. Contact the location closest to you for the specific class offerings and times.

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