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The Drummonds' devotion: My parents stayed close at Walker Methodist

Ian Drummond | Nov 17, 2020

My parents, Jim and Helen, were always devoted to each other, something us kids have known from the beginning. As my parents aged, that devotion never waned or wavered.

When my mother needed more care, she moved to Walker Methodist Health Center, and my father began visiting her daily. Every day, he’d wake up, drive to the Health Center, stay with my mom all day, and drive back home at night. Dad commuted to Walker on a daily basis for many years—until he was no longer able to drive. This didn’t keep Mom and Dad apart, though. In fact, it brought them closer together. He moved into Walker Place, which is connect to the Health Center yet allowed him to live independently, and was only an elevator ride away from Mom.


They went to church together every Sunday. They ate meals together. Mom and Dad loved the sing-alongs the team put together, and they often enjoyed Place’s trivia contests. And when they needed more help, the team was there every step of the way, lending a hand with everything from meals to making sure they got out and about. We all knew my parents’ commitment to each other was strong, but the Walker team showed them a great deal of devotion, too.

After my mom passed away in 2010, Dad stayed at Place until he moved over to the Health Center. Like Mom, he lived in the memory care neighborhood until he passed away. During this entire time, the care, commitment, and love provided to my parents by the team members was outstanding. They truly made their lives better during difficult times. When we visited my parents, it was a joy to see the team and come to know them personally. Aides, medical team members, cooks, hair dresser, concierges, chaplains, musicians, and more—they are all truly angels on earth.

Walker’s impact goes beyond my parents’ lives. Whenever I visited, I always felt welcomed by everyone. I got to know many of the team members, and they were happy to see my parents receive visitors. I saw firsthand how well my parents were cared for, and this gave me peace. I truly believe Walker Methodist was the best place they could have been.

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