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The people make the difference: Fitness at Walker communities

Aaron Aslakson, director of fitness centers | Aug 12, 2021

Our fitness technicians come to work each day with a very powerful opportunity: the ability to positively impact the lives of others. And at Walker Methodist, we believe it’s our people who take that impact from positive to transformational.


Members of our fitness centers experience this impact every single day, with both physical and psychological benefits of our programs. Our fitness team works diligently to create safe, effective programming in a motivating and encouraging environment. Thanks to their preparation, members who come to the fitness center are equipped to reach their goals.

Our team is skilled in the science needed for improvement—and the art needed for trusting, supportive relationships. Educated and certified fitness professionals oversee each fitness center to help meet the needs of members. They provide tutorials for equipment, ensure safe and effective workouts, develop workout plans, answer questions along the way, and so much more. Simply put, they don’t just educate... they engage.

We believe our team is the reason people are curious about our program and why members remain committed. Once you join one of our eleven fitness centers, you’re more than a client. You’re family. From exchanging recipes to sharing vacation photos and family stories, we build mutual care and interest that goes far beyond personal training sessions and group classes. It’s true that members come to see physical and psychological improvements, but strong relationships are just as important as strong muscles. Whenever someone walks through our doors, our goal is to fill their buckets with social engagement, encouragement, and confidence that they can live a happy, healthy life.

I truly believe our people make the difference. All we do us built upon this foundation: We’re stronger than ever, and we’re better together.


Stay tuned for blog features about our team members who are making a difference in the lives of older adults at our fitness centers. 

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