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Tips For Finding the Right Assisted Living Community

Walker Methodist | Jan 22, 2019

couple sitting outside of assisted living community laughingThe right assisted living community will balance independence with safety, and will feel like home. The process of finding the right community isn't an easy one, and it shouldn’t be.  Just like purchasing your first home took time, so will finding the perfect community. Here is a bit of guidance to help you find your new home.

Visit Multiple Communities 

Just like any big decision, doing proper research is essential. Take advantage of the people around you and the resources that can aid in your research. There are great online resources that can give you general information on communities in the neighborhoods you're interested in, but nothing can compare to going on a visit. 

Visit as many communities as you need to until you feel 100 percent comfortable making a decision.  Be sure to go over things like; cost, services, and culture during your visit to be sure it’s a good fit.

Speak With Current Residents

During your visits, it is possible to speak with the residents of that community. These are your best resources into daily life there. 

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions that have been on your mind. Remember that your goal here is to find your perfect senior living community, so you want all the insight you can get!  You can also speak with the staff to get the inside scoop on the culture and way of life at that particular community.  

Be Honest about Your Expectations and Needs

Some of the details to really nail down before deciding on a community include:

  • Financial commitment

  • Neighborhood

  • Activities and Social Expectations

  • Services Provided

The best person to discuss these needs and expectations with would be the housing specialist that is guiding you during your visit.  Many of these things are laid out even before a visit, but it’s worth it to be fully transparent about what you’re looking for. If your highest priority is independence, look for a community that also prioritizes the independence of their residents. If you have a pet or are hoping to get one, don’t settle for a community that has a strict pet policy.  

Finding the right assisted living community can be a challenge, but it is worth it to take the time to go through all of the details before making your decision.  For more tips on making a transition to senior living, follow us on Facebook!

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