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When faced with the unknown...pray

Rev. Jeremiah Lideen, M. Div. | Mar 14, 2020

A Whirlwind

This week feels like a whirlwind – like a constant state of motion from one place and thought to the next. It’s as if the unknown has manifested itself into a chaotic force of movement – and the whole time I’ve basically been still, mostly isolated in one place, and intentionally so.

The unknown nature of the current COVID-19 pandemic is the component that keeps me on the edge of my seat each day. This may be true for you also. People always have a hard time with that which we cannot understand and on which we cannot levy some control. And when all we have left is the unknown, historically, the people pray. We take our hurt, and confusion, and desperation and hope to God. It’s to that end I urge you this week, and in that effort, I join you every day.

the hands of 2 people praying

A Response

Every component of Walker Methodist’s response to COVID-19 this past week is calculated and specific. Every restriction is in place as not to intensify the spread of the virus, to promote compassion and care from a distance to our residents, friends and family, and to lessen feelings of unrest and uncertainty in the community. Let it be known, we are not ashamed, nor should you be, to be concerned and careful of your contact with people at any Walker Methodist location and in the community so long as COVID-19 is a living threat. While prayer serves us in our heaviest moments, we always pray with a keen eye toward our responsible action. After all, God's presence will be known in the world because of how we are responsible each and every day. This includes our responsibility during a pandemic.

A Hope

The founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley, is known for setting these core principles for life and faithfulness, and I believe they are as encouraging as ever today:

  1. Do no harm.
  2. Do good.
  3. Stay in love with God.

I believe these are all the more important and possible during our restricted social interactions. Pray toward and take these responses with you over the coming weeks, knowing that all we do and don’t do is an instrumental breaking in of the Kingdom of God among us. May you know the peace of God, that calms storms, moves us to action and restores our breath.

With all hope,

Rev. Jeremiah Lideen

Director of Spiritual Life


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