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Where the Growing Gets Good

Sarah Benbow, Executive Director of Communications | Oct 2, 2020

“Hey, intern!” 

Al Sweidan hasn’t been an intern at Walker Methodist for three years, but this regular greeting from a resident continues to bring him a chuckle and a smile. 

“My favorite part of working at Walker Methodist is the residents,” he explains. “It’s about those connections. They [residents] have a lot to teach us about their lives, and it’s a getaway from the computer and work.” 

Al describes Walker Methodist as a place where meaningful connections are abundant. Staff have the opportunity to regularly connect with residents and to get to know their present and past experiences. There is also healthy camaraderie among the employees — a supportive and personable group, who Al further describes as open and transparent.

“I can have open candor with my supervisor and other team members,” he adds. “I can tell them what I want, what I think, and what I need.” 


Charting a Career Path

Al currently serves as a Finance Analyst, a career he has achieved through his own ambition and the opportunities supported by the Walker team.

“Walker Methodist has been flexible with my wants and needs,” says Al. “They’ve given me plenty of opportunities starting with an internship when I was a senior at the University of Minnesota and then a part-time job while I was finishing school and a full-time position after graduation.” And today, Al is taking on another opportunity as he steps in to cover for a colleague on a leave from work.. 

Every step of the way — across his three-year span as an employee — Al says that Walker Methodist has responded positively to his request to do and learn more. “I’m able to go to my supervisor and ask for more challenges and opportunities. I’ve done this every year.” 


Where Everyone Knows Your Name

In addition to the plethora of professional opportunities, Al says it’s the “close family feel” that makes Walker Methodist a special place to work. “We have about 1,200 employees across our locations, and we’re still a family,” says Al. “I know most everyone by their first name. 

If you want to know the employees and residents and share your life experiences … Walker Methodist is the place.” 

Find a career opportunity that keeps you growing at Walker Methodist.  

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