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6 reasons our senior living communities are safer than ever

Amy Weiss | Apr 6, 2021

cleaning_safetyThe COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world in ways we couldn't have imagined. For many of us, life has paused, waiting for the world around us to return to normal. What hasn't changed, however, is our commitment to serving and protecting our residents. Thanks to capable, loving team members and strong, intentional safety measures, our communities are safer than ever.

Even amidst the winds of change, Walker Methodist remains firmly rooted in our mission of enhancing lives. Here are six reasons our communities are safe havens:

1. Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Here, we follow the latest guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. This includes protocol for PPE. Team members wear additional personal protective equipment, and we practice social distancing and proper hand hygiene. Sometimes, our standards are a stark difference in the public, where not everyone takes necessary precautions to protect vulnerable people.

2. Security

Whenever people enter our community, they go through a thorough screening process. Not only do our concierges welcome everyone who comes through our doors—they also make sure individuals are asked about symptoms, exposures, and more. In addition to screenings, our teams complete regular checks of security tools and processes, protocols, and procedures.

3. Vaccinations

vaccineWe are so grateful most of our residents who want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine have been able to do so. About 90% of our residents, and many of our team members, have been vaccinated, creating a culture of trust, hope, and safety.

4. Infection control

Throughout the entire flu season, our communities have experienced only three cases of the flu. Thanks to the hard work of team members, and intentional infection control policies, we are stopping the spread of other sicknesses, too.

5. One-on-one and small group activities

From fitness to life enrichment and spiritual life, our teams are adapting to continue to serve residents to the best of their abilities. They are creative, dedicated, and compassionate in all they do. Wii bowling, culinary shows, cardio drumming, virtual sing-alongs, and art classes are just some of the ways residents are staying active and engaged.

6. Telehealth

telehealthTo ensure residents can still connect with doctors and other care providers, our teams worked quickly and efficiently to provide a solution: collaboration carts. These carts are made of a large TV with a camera, a microphone, and laptop connectivity. Each Walker Methodist community has at least one cart. Our teams use Zoom’s HIPAA-compliant option for meetings and telehealth visits. Telehealth meetings have been well-received at Walker Methodist communities by team members and residents alike.

Same mission—and safer than ever

Our mission of Life. And all the living that goes with it. Enhancing the lives of older adults through a culture of care, respect, and service. has grounded us in uncertain times. As we adapt and move forward, protecting and enriching the lives of our residents is the motivation for all we do.

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