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From Canvas to Capitol: Art and Advocacy With Mary Eileen Sorenson

Walker Methodist | May 31, 2024

Meet Mary Eileen Sorenson, a vibrant resident at Walker Methodist's Westwood Ridge I in West St. Paul, Minnesota. Mary's journey at Westwood Ridge is a testament to the power of creativity, adaptability, and the profound impact one person can have in advocating for social justice.

Moving to a New Home and a New Lifestyle

Moving into a senior living community can be full of both challenges and rewards. Mary Eileen Sorenson understands this transition intimately. Though it meant navigating changes, Mary found that leaning into her passions aided her adjustment. Most of all, becoming involved in the Walker Methodist community has given her a sense of purpose and a platform to advocate for older adults.

Finding Inspiration in Nature's Beauty

When Mary first relocated to the West St. Paul apartment community, she felt unsure about what this new chapter would hold. "I had never been to West St. Paul. I had never been to any Walker Methodist residence," she explained. The unfamiliarity of it all required openness to change.

Yet the natural beauty surrounding Westwood Ridge I soon made an impression. "Trees surround this apartment, and I write every morning and sometimes draw. If you sit here in the morning and look around at all the trees, you feel like they're embracing you and are a part of you," described Mary. The calming, verdant landscape moved her creative spirit.

Immersing Herself in the Community

Reconnecting with her lifelong passion for arts centered Mary and introduced her to facets of Walker Methodist life. "If it's inside of you, that creative spirit opens up so many kinds of things in a place like this," she noted. From collage workshops to writing groups, artistic outlets allowed Mary to adjust while meeting like-minded residents.

Over time, Mary has woven herself into the fabric of her new home, finding security and peace in the secluded but close-to-the-city setting. "We're in the middle of a forest here, yet the sounds and things of urban life are all around us. I think that's very important for somebody like me, as I'm aging.”

Discovering Her Voice as an Advocate

Most meaningfully, Walker Methodist has empowered Mary to discover her voice as an advocate. She recently educated legislators on senior living issues by bringing visibility to overlooked aspects of aging. "This past winter, I talked about how we feel when it comes to law-making; we're often forgotten, and it's a pattern in American society," said Mary. Through civic participation, she aims to shift assumptions about growing older.

Find Out if Westwood Ridge I Is Right for You

Mary's creativity, leadership, and care for her peers demonstrate the spirit and connectivity found within Walker Methodist's walls. Surrounded by nature's refreshing energy and a team eager to engage residents' talents, Mary has found purpose during a transitional life stage. Her inspiring story highlights how our communities can cultivate personal growth.

If Mary's transformative experience resonates with you or a loved one, consider learning more about making Westwood Ridge I your next chapter. From apartment living to dedicated care, the Walker Methodist lifestyle fosters community with a sense of adventure. 

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