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Life in the Heart of Anoka: Jean Hiltz’s Story at Plaza CityView

Walker Methodist | Jun 7, 2024

Nestled in the heart of Anoka, Minnesota, Walker Methodist Plaza CityView is home to exceptional individuals like Jean Hiltz, whose experiences paint a picture of warmth, community, and boundless opportunities. Join us as we step into Jean's world and explore why Plaza CityView is more than just a residence — it's a thriving community of its own.

A Perfect Balance at Plaza CityView

Jean's journey at Plaza CityView is nothing short of perfection. With a beaming smile, she describes the community as "wonderful" and highlights the unwavering support from the dedicated staff. At Plaza CityView, assistance is always within reach, creating an environment where residents feel comfortable and truly at home.

Volunteering and Community Engagement

Jean's vibrant spirit extends to her active involvement in volunteering. Her eagerness to lend a helping hand reflects the strong sense of community at Plaza CityView. Residents like Jean contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Plaza CityView, making it a place where everyone has something valuable to offer.

The Bustling Heart of Anoka

In a world where some might find retirement communities lackluster, Jean stands by Plaza CityView as a testament to the contrary. She contrasts her experience with friends in other places, emphasizing the dynamic atmosphere within Plaza CityView. Residents here enjoy the freedom to explore, socialize, and take daily walks, contributing to a fulfilling and engaging lifestyle.

Cherished Memories, Strong Roots, and Community Growth

Resident Jean showing her apartment in Walker Methodist Plaza CityView

For Jean, Plaza CityView is more than just a residence — it’s a profound connection to her lifelong home of Anoka. Having lived in this community her entire life, Jean carries a treasure trove of memories, including the joy of swimming in the Rum River.

Living in the heart of Anoka allows her to reminisce about days gone by and witness the positive evolution of the community. Being close to downtown, she observes the influx of younger residents and cherishes the changing landscape, creating a deeply meaningful experience rooted in a lifetime of memories. 

Find Out if Plaza CityView Is Right for You

Jean's journey at Walker Methodist Plaza CityView embodies the essence of a fulfilling retirement. Plaza CityView offers more than just a place to live; it provides a community where residents like Jean thrive, cherish memories, embrace growth, and enjoy the bustling heart of Anoka. 

Explore the unique experiences waiting for you at Plaza CityView—a community where every day is an opportunity for connection, growth, and joy.


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