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Exciting New Initiatives Taking Place at Walker Place

Walker Methodist | Dec 28, 2023

Walker Place is entering an exciting period of renovation and program implementation as the prominent Minneapolis senior living community celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2023! Several highly anticipated additions and improvements are underway that will enhance experiences for current and future residents. Keep reading to learn all about them. 

New Initiatives Bringing Energy

Walker Place residents celebrating the new initiatives taking place in their community

It’s an exciting time to be a resident or staff member at Walker Place. With the welcomed addition of new Sales and Marketing Director, Victoria Barlow, many new programs and initiatives are underway. Here are some of the things we’re looking forward to.

Walker talks

Walker Talks Logo

This new educational speaker series seeks to establish Walker Place as a thought leader in the community on relevant topics like health, finance, arts, and more while also attracting prospective residents. Walker Talks takes place monthly and is free and open to the public, providing opportunities to engage in thoughtful conversation about the most significant topics impacting our community.

Salon Series

These regularly scheduled arts and entertainment events will allow residents and community members to share their varied talents and passions with their neighbors through musical performances, presentations, and more. Like Walker Talks, these events are free and open to the public every Friday evening. 

Garden Revitalizations

Outdoor green spaces like the second-floor terrace garden and third-floor kitchen herb garden are being reimagined into vibrant new gathering and event venues for residents. Similarly, the Walker Place Garden Club is alive and thriving, offering residents the opportunity to visit community gardens like Wise Acre and Tangletown in Minneapolis and the Noerenberg Memorial Gardens on Lake Minnetonka.


Offerings like a woodworking shop and technology education classes will help continually evolve programming and services to match the desires of today’s active residents. Likewise, the newly renovated Bryant Avenue project provides access to a wonderful bike path directly in front of Walker Place, allowing for adventures to nearby lakes, rose gardens, and shops in the community. 

Enhancing Life While Respecting History

As Walker Place undergoes these exciting changes, its distinguished 40-year history and culture of diversity, relationships, and Midwestern values will remain at the forefront. The improvements aim to meet modern seniors’ evolving needs and interests while respecting the roots of this treasured Minneapolis community.

Experience Walker Place for Yourself

Walker Place is a welcoming environment for all, whether you’re a resident, family member, or neighbor! We love having visitors and invite you to experience all the fun and excitement happening here. Click the link below to learn more about our independent or assisted living options, community events, and programs. 

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