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Senior Living Jobs: More Than Just Health Care

Lynna Crocker | Jan 17, 2024

When considering senior living jobs, we often imagine health-care services and support roles for older adults. But, beyond the compassionate care and medical attention provided, senior living communities are bustling hubs with diverse career options catering to various talents and interests. Here are some types of jobs in senior care that do not focus on health care.

What It's Like To Work in Senior Living

Working in senior living isn't just a job — it's a calling. It's one of the most rewarding fields you can pursue. From helping others to hearing the incredible stories of residents, each day offers opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

Though rewarding, it can be challenging. We handle complex issues and meaningful projects, always putting our residents first. It's a unique setting with immensely gratifying experiences, and if you seek challenging, purpose-driven work, this may be the right fit.

Let's check out some of the most common careers below. 

Community-Focused Jobs

Program director teaching a yoga class at senior living community

It takes a community of support staff behind the scenes to create an enriching senior living environment. From planning engaging activities to maintaining pleasant living spaces, community-focused team members cultivate joy, comfort, and connection for seniors.


Life Enrichment or Activities Assistants are the architects of joy and vitality in senior living communities. They plan and execute a wide array of activities catering to residents' interests and abilities. From art classes to group outings, these professionals bring a sense of purpose and happiness to the lives of seniors.


The dining experience is a crucial part of life in senior living communities. Chefs, cooks, waitstaff, and dietary specialists ensure residents receive delicious and nutritious meals. They create a dining atmosphere that encourages social interaction and supports overall health.


Clean and safe living spaces are paramount in senior living communities. Custodians play a pivotal role in maintaining a hygienic and pleasant environment for residents. Their work goes a long way in creating a comfortable and secure setting.


Transport drivers, like our friend Michael, provide a valuable service by ensuring residents can access essential appointments and community outings. They offer seniors a sense of freedom and mobility, greatly enriching their lives and allowing them to explore new things. 


Receptionists are often the first point of contact for residents and visitors. They provide a warm welcome and ensure that all inquiries are addressed promptly. Their role is central to creating a sense of community in senior living.


Maintaining the physical infrastructure of senior living communities is a significant responsibility. Maintenance staff, from plumbers to electricians, keep the facilities in top condition, contributing to the safety and comfort of residents.

Administrative Jobs

Administrative positions in senior living

From marketing to finance, administrative roles keep senior living communities operating smoothly. They oversee vital functions like communications, sales, HR, and budgeting to support the staff and maintain a thriving community.


Marketing professionals and communications experts are the storytellers of senior living communities. They promote the value and services of the community, attracting new residents and providing information to families.


Sales representatives are the liaisons between the community and potential residents. They provide tours, answer questions, and guide prospective residents through the transition to senior living.


Human resources personnel ensure the community is staffed with compassionate, qualified individuals. They play a vital role in recruiting, training, and maintaining a skilled workforce.


Managing the financial aspects of senior living communities is a critical task. Finance professionals ensure that budgets are balanced, resources are allocated effectively, and the community remains financially sound.

Senior Living Jobs in Minnesota

If you're considering a career in senior living, we encourage you to explore the variety of rewarding roles available at Walker Methodist communities across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our team members have a natural sense of caring and seek meaningful ways to give back through their work.

If you want to learn more about how you can positively impact seniors' lives, discover the exciting opportunities below!

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