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Walker Methodist team members care for Parkinson’s residents

Amy Weiss | Aug 5, 2021

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At Walker Methodist Highview Hills, Parkinson’s care includes all aspects of the TULIPS method (time, understanding, quality of life, increased awareness, pills on time, support) to help residents maintain comfortable lives. But it’s also so much more...

It’s living life to the fullest, making the most of each moment, and finding joy in community. From personalized exercise classes, pictured above, to painting, our educated team provides programs as unique as each individual.

“I think people might receive a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and feel like their life is ‘over,’” said Emily Foster, resident services manager at Highview Hills. “I would say, ‘There’s so much life left to be lived.’”

Watch the video below to learn more about what this remarkable team does to offer holistic Parkinson’s care and enhance lives...

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