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Yvonne exercises her way to health

Amy Weiss | Sep 16, 2021

When Yvonne moved to her Walker Methodist community in August of 2020, Janelle, the fitness technician, was going door-to-door to introduce herself to residents. When Yvonne and Janelle first met, Yvonne wasn’t ready to start exercising. In her own words: “I broke my hip a few months before I moved. Shortly after I came here, I was put on hospice. So, all I said was hello.”

But the next time Janelle stopped by Yvonne’s apartment, she heard some exciting words. “I’m ready.”


Janelle worked with Yvonne to assess her abilities and identify goals. At first, Yvonne only exercised for a few minutes, but ever since she’s taken it upon herself to improve her health and wellbeing. With a goal of keeping her legs strong, Yvonne usually uses the leg extension and curl machines. “I like the strength machines. They make me feel better and more mobile,” she said. “Janelle really makes a difference, too. Thanks to her help, I am more independent.”

Since she first started on the New Step machine, Yvonne’s discovered chair yoga and cardio drumming, weekly classes Janelle leads. “Since I focus on my legs other days, I like to move my arms, too,” Yvonne explained. “Cardio drumming is a fun, balanced workout. Everyone likes it.”

Outside of fitness, Yvonne has made friends at different life enrichment programs and activities. “I can participate as much as I want. I especially like playing cards and bingo. The people here are very nice.”

Since being on hospice last summer, Yvonne has improved significantly. With help from Janelle, she’s standing straighter, doing more on her own, and more confident in herself. Now Yvonne’s grandson comes to visit every Wednesday, and she even hosted her own birthday party in May. “People don’t always realize how active and strong residents are,” said Janelle. “They really take initiative, care about their health, and work hard to improve their wellbeing.”

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