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Fit at any age: We’re here for any ability level

Amanda Cole, NASM-CPT, NASM-CES, fitness technician | Aug 26, 2021

In our fitness centers, we’re happy (and able) to accommodate any ability level. From walkers and wheelchairs to limited mobility, we are here to help you be fit at any age, stage of life, and ability level. If someone has a desire to exercise, live an active lifestyle, and see improvement––we make it possible. Using our equipment, with the help of our educated team members, we make progress together...



Our NuStep and HUR machines make accommodation easy. These machines can be customized based on the user’s needs, and HUR machines are designed to be used while seated. In all our fitness centers, multiple pieces of equipment are available to those who have difficulty standing.

Additionally, some machines can be used with both arms, one arm, or no arms. Some equipment uses just arms for those who have difficulty moving their legs. Our equipment, designed specifically for older adults, allows us to offer a safe environment. Shelves at the bottom of machines keep feet in place. Arm rests ensure proper movement and direction. Many of our fitness centers have additional adaptive equipment. At Havenwood of Minnetonka, we have a specialized glove to help a person with limited use of one hand hold a handle. With this tool, the stronger arm can then help move the limited arm, which helps to increase mobility, blood flow, and healing to that arm. All of this is done with the help of a fitness technician or specialist.

Team members

Team members in all our communities are trained to help fitness center members move from wheelchairs or walkers to machines, should they need assistance. Fitness center technicians also take time to get to know each person who comes through their doors. They invite members to explore equipment, describe how machines work, and learn preferences, abilities, challenges, and dreams. Creating a personal plan for each member, based on current abilities and future goals, technicians create a path toward a healthier, more active life and offer guidance and support along the way.


An invitation, along with some encouragement, can make all the difference. Take this story for example... When a resident joined the fitness center, she was recovering from a stroke. Because she hadn’t done much exercise previously, physical therapists encouraged her to continue exercising by using the NuStep. With help getting on and off the machine, she started to look forward to coming to the fitness center. Growing in confidence, she began personal training sessions to work on other goals, using resistance bands and weights. And today? This member is starting to be able to walk by herself. She comes to group classes, where she exercises next to her neighbors.

Our group fitness classes are the perfect example of getting better, together. Those who come to our classes have a variety of abilities and needs, but they can exercise together and build community. During class, exercises can be done with heavier weights, lighter weights, or no weights at all. It’s beneficial for exercisers with limitations to move through their range of motion, even without the added resistance of a dumbbell. Plus, all classes offer the option for seated exercise. No matter one’s ability level, our fitness centers are places everyone can belong. People come for the community, to exercise with friends they’ll sit by at dinner.

There’s something for everyone in our fitness centers, and everyone is welcome.

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